3 Essentials For Start-Ups [Contributed Blog]

September 13, 2019 - 5 minutes read - Business Growth, Business Management, Contributed Posts

Entrepreneurs of the world unite! Now is really the time to take that idea that has been banging around in your head and take the next step. It’s no longer the time for daydreaming about the “what ifs”, it’s the time for action and experiencing things in real life. Seeing if that business idea you were perfecting in quiet hours can survive the scrutiny of the real world. Moreover, it could either crash and burn or ultimately flourish, but you will never find out if you don’t try. “But why now and not tomorrow?” you might ask. 

Well, it’s the time of everything-as-a-service and cloud solutions. You can pretty much set up your whole business in a mere few days without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home (maybe to register your business at the commerce organisation) or, if you prefer, the Starbucks of your choice. If you got a little seed money, you can take your “business start-up tasks” and check them off in quick succession. 

Here are the 3 essentials first stops to make.

Your Online Presence

First, the basics, you will need ways to let people contact you. Get started with claiming a domain name. Get something that is easy to remember and can extend to Facebook pages, and Twitter handles as well. You usually can get the domain name from the same place you will want to get a website package from (hosting and design). Most of these services also offer cloud email hosting, enabling you to access your (web)mail from anywhere in the world, if you can connect to the web. Look for a service that can do all this for you, look for reasonable prices for the domain name (don’t get caught out by hefty renewal fees), the ability to have sizable email boxes, and an excellent service to help you create your website (most services will offer automatic WordPress deployments). That will get you up and running.

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Your Team of Experts

Website and emails sorted; you will need to decide on how much of the “old world” communications you still need. For example, a fax number or receptionist who can answer phone calls. Also, for these things, there are online services that can take care of that, with you receiving notifications in your email. Once you are in business, you can start building your team. Nowadays, you can easily find freelancers via online platforms and get specialists helping you to build your empire. Start with small assignments to see which freelancer works best for you and go from there.

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Project Management

With freelancers hired, you will need to lead everything to run smoothly. There are plenty of online project management tools out there that help you manage a team; some are even free. Combine that with Skype and FaceTime for times when you do need a face-to-face meeting. Smart use of the Google online suite will give you shared docs, sheets, slides and even online storage. All these tools are mostly free, so there’s really no excuse not to do it. Moreover, if you are still hesitant to go forward with your business idea, knowing how easy it is to start, well, then you might need to decide it’s a pipe dream forever.

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