How Female Founders Can Disrupt The Future Of Marketing & Web3

April 1, 2022 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, Podcast

The metaverse is here.

And amazing opportunities lie ahead if you strike while the iron is hot.

In honor of women’s history month last month, I sat down with fellow female founder and PR queen Lisa Buyer to talk about all things meta(verse).

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Here’s just some of what Lisa and I discuss:

– The things you need to know about earned media and social proof 

– The difference between Web2 and Web3

– Ways to create a more emotional connection with your audience

– Why Facebook groups are out and Discord is the social hub of the future

– Ways to explore Web3 without a VR headset

– And more 

I had so much fun recording this with Lisa and if you are interested in learning more about Web3, then you’ll definitely want to give this a listen.

Listen on Spotify here.

Listen on Apple Podcasts here.

Are you curious about how the metaverse will impact your industry? 

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