How To Get Actual Results From Your LinkedIn Content

April 8, 2021 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, Thought Leadership

No one cares what you do…

…Until you speak to them directly.

Yet here we are in the LinkedInsphere with so many people failing to target their messaging. 

It’s too broad.

It’s too vague.

It’s too dull.

Those 3 combined = No one cares.

From LinkedIn profiles to company pages to content to messaging – we see it everywhere.

“So what is it that you do exactly?” 

Do you feel yourself asking that as often as I do?

If you really want results, try getting SPECIFIC.

And embrace dynamism.

In everything.

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Your profile.

Your company page.

Your content.

Your comments.

Your messages.

But this requires you to stay focused and disciplined.

Check out this short video above where I tell a story about how one of my customers is using LinkedIn in a very specific manner to grow her business.

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