Guest Blogging Opportunity: Think You Have What It Takes To Be A Mod Master?

September 19, 2014 - 6 minutes read - Blogging, Mod Girl News

Regardless of what you may hear in the SEO world, guest blogging is NOT DEAD! Back in January of this year, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, announced that “guest blogging is done” — that it had simply “gotten too spammy” and started its downward spiral. “If you’re doing a lot of guest blogging, then you’re hanging out with really bad company,” he said.

We counter that guest blogging never died — it just got classier! No longer are SEOs trying to shove exact match anchor text into guest blogs, hoping for a rise in rankings. Now, guest blogs are meant to do what they were originally created for: to feature experts in their respective fields who have a wealth of knowledge and strong writing skills.

Quality guest blogging STILL:

  • Builds credibility in your niche
  • Increases website traffic
  • Exposes you to new audiences, and
  • Expands your network

Mod Girl Marketing Launches “The Mod Chronicles”

What’s In It For You?

Inspired by the changing landscape of SEO, Mandy McEwen and crew have launched a brand new guest contributor opportunity for “masters” in the health, home, and technology industries. We offer entrepreneurs the following benefits:

– Greater exposure and brand building opportunity.

– Access to thousands of unique visitors per month and over 80,000 social media followers

– Possible opportunities to receive FREE premium press release exposure

– Display of your bio, headshot, and a direct link back to your website 

“Here at Mod Girl Marketing we’ve worked with a large variety of different businesses spanning across dozens of industries. What we’ve found is that the majority of our clients — and the industries we most enjoy working in — tend to be related to Home, Healthcare, and Technology,” Mandy McEwen explains. “Over the years, our team of content writers, marketers, branding experts, and designers have specialized in the promotion of these industries as well. Our clients’ success is our success too, so we wanted to launch this new opportunity as a win-win for both passionate entrepreneurs and the Mod Girl® brand.”

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She adds: “The Mod Masters guest contributor opportunity is valuable for business owners because it combines all the core elements of a solid online presence — the sort of high-quality content marketing Google loves, quality exposure from a quality website that is known for journalism-caliber work, social media sharing, and press release announcements.”

Are You A “Mod Master?”

We are looking for industry experts in HEALTH, TECH, and HOME industries:

  • HEALTH – Doctors, Hospital Staff, Plastic Surgeons, Fitness Trainers, Healthcare Tech Inventors, Chiropractors, Pharmacy Reps
  • HOME – Home Improvement Companies, Construction Firms, Real Estate Agencies, Home Builders, Movers, Interior Designers, Roofers, Installers
  • TECH – Mobile Apps, Cutting Edge Technology (In Any Field), Startups, Marketing and Advertising Firms, Manufacturing, Film, Inventions

We will consider experienced professionals who have valuable insights and tips that will benefit our readers. The Mod Chronicles will feature (at most) three guest contributor blog posts each month, in addition to our usual post about SEO, social media, content creation, digital advertising and online marketing.

What Should You Write About?

Post topics may include (but are not limited to):

– Online marketing & advertising

– Mobile technology

– Marketing automation

– Healthcare marketing/advertising

– Home marketing/advertising

– Technology marketing/advertising

– Startup tips

– Time management

– Technology trends

– Outsourcing marketing tasks

If we have agreed to work with you as a guest contributor, feel free to send an email to bounce topic ideas off us. We’re happy to help.

How Guest Contributing Works

Contributing as a “Mod Master” is simple:

1. Contact us here with a link to your  work.

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2.We will review your submission and determine whether you are a potential fit.

3. We will email you within a week. If we feel you are a good fit, we will send you further instructions on submitting your guest post.

Note: To ensure that only the highest quality articles appear on our site, we may request edits to your article from time to time. An editor will review your post and provide specific suggestions if there are any. We reserve the right to edit and adapt your guest post as we see fit. We will schedule the post in our content calendar and let you know what day and time it will be published.

Think You Have What It Takes?

Sometimes the very best insights come from people who are out passionately living, working and breathing a particular industry all day long. Not only are your topics of discussion relevant and insightful for our readers, but your services may be something they are looking for too! Without further ado, let’s get started…

We look forward to working with you!

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