Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy: How To Blow Your Customers Away

Improving Your Content Marketing Strategy: How To Blow Your Customers Away [Contributed Blog]

June 5, 2019 - 5 minutes read - Business Growth, Contributed Posts

Content marketing is a hugely effective ploy utilized by a growing number of businesses to engage customers, create leads, and increase sales. If your content marketing strategy isn’t delivering the results you hoped for, there are several ways you can go about improving the quality and extending the reach of your campaigns. Here’s a handy guide to ensure your content blows your customer away.

Review your progress

Before you can start making changes to an existing strategy or working on brand new campaigns, it’s incredibly useful to try and figure out what’s holding you back and why you aren’t achieving your objectives. Review your progress, use analytics to evaluate data and spot trends, and ask customers to provide feedback. Use the information you gather to work out what’s going wrong and come up with solutions that will get you back on track. Analytics tools provide you with detailed data about customer habits, and they can help you join the dots if there are issues. If you’re getting a lot of traffic to your site, but you’re not converting leads, this could indicate that the design of your pages or the user experience are letting you down. If people are viewing your content, but not taking action, sharing or liking posts, or buying products, this suggests that the content itself is failing.

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Making your content more diverse

There is a vast amount of content out there in the ether, and the aim of the game is to ensure potential customers view and respond to the posts or links you share. This is not an easy task. To turn heads and encourage web users to take an interest, it pays to be original and to explore different options when it comes to types of content. Blog articles may be popular with some demographics, but video clips and images are often more appealing to other audiences. Diversify your content, make your landing pages and social media feeds interesting and exciting, and make sure the content connects with the right people. If you’re producing videos for an international market, for example, don’t isolate potential customers by focusing on a single language. Look for video translation companies that can not only translate your content but also make it attractive to a local audience in that specific country or region. Use feedback from customers, followers and virtual friends to determine which types of content to use. You might find that videos, webinars or infographics are a lot more popular and impactful than written guides.

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Focus on quality

Content marketing should never be focused on quantity. Inundating online followers or email subscribers with posts and messages isn’t going to make your business more appealing to customers. Web users want to access content that is informative, fresh, engaging, and relevant to them. Get to know your target audience, ask them about what kinds of content they’d like to see, and take the time to create quality pieces, posts, and pictures that showcase your business in the best possible light.

Content marketing can help businesses to drive sales and increase customer numbers, but it doesn’t work all the time. To succeed, you have to provide your clients or followers with high-quality content that is relevant to them and to your brand and present it in a way that is interesting and enticing. If you haven’t yet reaped the rewards of an effective content marketing campaign, hopefully, this guide will make the difference.

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