4 Ways To Increase Collaboration in the Workplace [Contributed Blog]

December 12, 2018 - 4 minutes read - Business Management, Contributed Posts

We’ve learned a lot about how businesses can improve their operations in recent years. It turns out that working from home, for example, can improve productivity. We know that providing employees with a green space onsite can increase their job satisfaction. And we also know that it’s much better to unleash the potential of your employees, rather than just give them tasks to complete.

If you’re going to spend the considerable cost of bringing a member of staff on board, you may as well ensure that they have everything they need to deliver their best work. And when you put two members of staff together, who knows what could happen?

Below, we take a look at a few tried and true ways to boost collaboration in the workplace:

4 Steps to Boost Collaboration in the Workplace

1. Hire the Right People

It’s important that you’re hiring the best employees for your team for many reasons, including teamwork! Though some workers might be well-qualified, that doesn’t automatically mean that they’re going to be adept at working with others. If you’re trying to foster an environment that thrives on collaboration in the workplace, then it’s important that you’re hiring people who can not only do it, but enjoy the process too. There’s only so much collaboration that can happen if everyone is individually minded.

2. Create Meeting Spaces

Take a look at your office. Is it set up for people to work together? The act of collaboration in the workplace doesn’t just take place when people are sitting down to work on an idea. First, the idea has to come. And those ideas won’t come if everyone is spending all day at their desk, and rarely talking to one another. Some great ideas can come from two people standing around, having coffee. For that, you need a kitchen. For later on, you’ll be well-served by having a meeting room that’s dedicated to worker projects.

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3. Make Sure You Have The Right Infrastructure

There’s only so much collaboation in the workplace that your workers will be able to achieve if you don’t give them the resources to work together. In the digital age, that means having cloud storage, which will allow all members of the team to have access to the crucial project documents, no matter where they are. If you don’t know what cloud storage option is right for your business, take a look at this article which outlines Google Drive vs Dropbox. Even if the team members aren’t able to be together in a room, they’ll be able to work on the project as if they were.

4. Give Employees Time To Work

Bosses can sometimes ask too much of their employees. While they’ll be excited to work on a project, they’re not going to be so excited that they’re happy to cut into their personal time (and even if they were, you shouldn’t allow it). Make sure they have some time during the working day to move their project along. Things can happen pretty quickly if workers are given on an hour of interrupted time to work on bringing their ideas to life.

Get people working together, and you never know where it’ll take you.

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