seo worth the investment

Is SEO Worth The Investment?

July 31, 2013 - 3 minutes read - Contemporary Online Business Marketing, Search Marketing, SEO

SEO is not what it used to be.

seo ranking factors infographic

Conventional wisdom says…

that you perform Search Engine Optimization by conducting extensive keyword research, tweaking metadata and modifying on-page copy to include your keywords. Oh yeah, and don’t forget about links — they’re good, too. This much is in everyone’s business budget.

But these days…

SEO has evolved to mean so much more. Social media and blogging are integral parts of an effective SEO strategy. Even press releases, image creation and viral videos are valuable assets when you’re looking to get your brand noticed. SEO is not just about churning out keyword-laden content: it’s about producing something interesting, relevant and creative. It’s a copywriter’s market. Data-hounds are still relevant, but they know they must take a backseat.

When it comes to Google…

Yes, putting keywords into header tags, image tags, alt tags and on-page copy are all still important. Of course, that’s not the only factors Google looks at when determining how to rank your website. Consider how social sharing has changed the SEO landscape  by looking at the “Top 10 Factors That Boost SEO Rankings”…

1. Google +1

2. Facebook Shares

3. Number of Backlinks

4. Facebook Total

5. Facebook Comments

6. Facebook Likes

7. Pinterest Pins

8. Tweets

9. % of Backlinks rel-nofollow

10. SEO Visibility of Backlinking URL

seo worth the investment

SEO is worth the investment, plain and simple.

SEO has always and will always be the engine that drives people to your page. It saves time, it builds brand authority, and it helps you churn out content that will boost your bottom line. SEO is no longer just a data set or back-end tinkering. SEO is now your entire online marketing strategy.

We’ve understood this fact for years, which is why you’ll find companies like Mod Girl Marketing offering everything from web design and keyword research, to social media and content creation. We can do it all for you — or we can do as much as you need. Our flexibility has allowed us to work with companies big and small.

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SEO can be super confusing, especially when you look at the above infographic and see all the little factors that go into ranking your website. Most business owners would rather not stay up at night wondering how long their URL should be or where their keywords should sit within a blog title. That’s why you just leave the details up to us and we deliver tangible results that make you happy. It’s just that easy.

Outsourcing SEO can be a big leap of faith, so spend some time on our site, look at our testimonials and get to know us. When you’re ready, contact us for a free no-obligation consultation.

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