How A LinkedIn Content Strategy Can Help Grow Your Network

July 12, 2022 - 2 minutes read - Content Strategy, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Content

How do you get 400 targeted connection requests within hours?

You leave one badass comment.

At the right time.

On the right post.

It happened to a sales rep that attended one of my corporate LinkedIn training sessions.

And it happens to other LinkedIn users. 

So why not you? 

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If you want your prospects to take notice, you need to engage with their content. 

And engage with popular industry content. 

How do you actually get that many people to send you connection requests? 

Your comments need to be insightful – aka more than “great post!”

And let’s get real, please leave more than one comment a day.  

So yes, one comment landed this sales rep 400 new connection requests.

But she followed what she learned from my SDR LinkedIn training and consistently leaves 5+ comments per day.

One of them just happened to be a complete gem. 

One out of the dozens she leaves on a weekly basis.

This is what can happen when you take action and are consistent. 

And this is why I love training sales teams on how to maximize the power of LinkedIn

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Everything I teach is based on REAL strategies that are working right now.

This is why my clients have such high success rates.

In fact, most of the sales teams I train see results within 48 hours after attending one live session. 

Check out this clip above from my session at Social Media Day in Wichita last week where I share this story… And get a little help from my Kip (Napoleon Dynamite) meme. 

How often are you leaving meaningful comments? 

Want to learn more about how we train sales teams to successfully prospect on LinkedIn and build real relationships? Send me a message.

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