Luminetics Offers Email And LinkedIn Training For Sales Professionals

May 6, 2022 - 5 minutes read - LinkedIn, Luminetics

SACRAMENTO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 13, 2022 / Award-winning digital expert shares how LinkedIn and similar digital platforms are vital tools in utilizing social media to humanize outreach process and maximize revenue

Premiere digital marketing firm, Luminetics, a Mod Girl Marketing brand that provides LinkedIn and email strategy and training for enterprise sales teams has revealed the winning secret formula to ‘Social Selling,’ sharing that it is only a matter of perspective. According to the company’s founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Multi-award winning digital marketing professional Mandy McEwen, LinkedIn, and similar digital platforms should be viewed and treated as essential tools for enterprising sales teams, especially in the move to create ways on how to use social media in humanizing the human outreach process while also maximizing revenue returns.

The firm, which focuses on demand generation and training enterprise sales teams to optimize their usage of LinkedIn to increase meeting conversion rates, strongly believes in the notion that traditional outreach methods are no longer effective. This has ushered in the entry of a new era of personalized social selling. In line with this, Luminetics helps today’s sales teams by teaching them key strategies and arming them with the proper tools needed to position their respective businesses across the top one percent on LinkedIn. The company’s strong stance towards learning the new sale process is complemented by McEwen’s vision of empowering fledgling firms into becoming expert online mini-marketers–transforming these once digital shy companies into world-renowned social selling brands.

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Over the last few years, Mandy has also successfully transformed herself into a content-creating brand-building podcast-hosting media figure and speaker–a result of years of hands-on B2B experience with her clients. Her approach shows that it is not just about detailing the mechanics and processes of the digital world but rather giving it a human approach by packaging it as a more friendly sphere for sales teams wanting to create award-winning content for digital platforms. In fact, her vision towards social selling can be seen in Luminetics’ mission statement; ‘To illuminate brands to be driven by purpose and community, positioning enterprises in the top one percent of Linkedin.’

McEwen explains, “It is never just about building up the brand but more about increasing the confidence and skills of the people that are behind the brand–that alone already guarantees success for the brand being marketed.”

McEwen has just returned from being one of the invited speakers at the recently concluded Social Media Marketing Conference in San Diego. She is also being featured as one of the keynote speakers at the coming ‘Linked Summit’ on May 19, 2022 in Odense, Denmark, Named as one of the Top 24 B2B Marketers by LinkedIn, listed in Search Engine Journal as a Top 12 SEO Expert, and named as part of the Top 20 Female Marketers by G2, Mandy shares industry insight and perspective on her weekly newsletter, ‘LinkedIn Insiders.’ She will also soon be coming out with a new podcast called ‘Culture & Content.’

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Clients who have worked with the Luminetics team are all praises for the firm. “To find someone with the knowledge and energy that Mandy and the Luminetics team bring to inspire sales teams into adopting what is being taught remains a whole separate ball game. Our team left the training less than 48 hours ago with action items to implement and some have already seen an increase in engagement from their prospects,” said Michelle Lighton, Director of Strategic Partners, Aceyus.

Across today’s social media-driven world, there has never been a more strategic and opportune time to connect with Luminetics and the increasing tribe of social selling experts who have been taught by McEwen, for businesses of all types and verticals.

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