Video Killed The Blog Star! Making An Impact Using Video Ads

November 5, 2020 - 4 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Video Marketing

Video advertising is a fantastic way to generate sales and to find new customers. When it comes to the importance of customer loyalty and inspiring people to come to you, you have to blend the brand with the services. Video advertising has, in many ways, never been more difficult. Video is the king of digital content, which means that you need to utilize the right techniques to grab the audience’s attention. But what are the most successful ways to make an impact using video advertising, especially when it seems that everybody is doing it now?

Keeping Viewers Invested

You need to appeal to an audience’s emotions. This is not easy. But it’s about an emotional core that will either entertain, educate, or inspire them. When you look at the weirdest commercials out there, they loom large in the brain for their uniqueness. And when we start to craft something that is truly unique, it will stay with our customers for years. And when the advert stays in their minds, so will the brand.

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Be Immediate

The greatest example of trying to hook a viewer instantly is the first 5 seconds of any YouTube advert. If your finger automatically goes to “Skip Ad,” there is something wrong with the ad. It is an immense challenge to appeal to an audience in the first 5 seconds. Many advertisers beg the audience not to skip the adverts, whereas others will do everything they can to make that impact.

Be To the Point

Some ads on YouTube can run in excess of several minutes. Even if you need to communicate a lot of ideas in the space of a few minutes, is the ad as to the point as possible? Take as long as you need to communicate your message without strangling the key message, but don’t run over. 

It Is Tailored to the audience

Going back to the idea of targeting the right people, one of the key benefits of using video ads is how you can target them. When you tailor your content to your target audience, you are capturing their state of mind and where they are in your marketing funnel. This is where relevant research becomes invaluable. Marketing research is something that can provide insight into your audience’s buying habits, but also what they would like to see. If we want to capture the imagination of someone that will be able to click away from us in 5 seconds, we’ve got to get honest and constructive criticism.

Have A Clear Call To Action

Building a relationship with your audience during a video advert isn’t about vague marketing notions and arty gimmicks, much like Homer Simpson’s Mr. Plow commercial! You need to encourage them to get involved. By having a clear call to action, you will show them how they can get involved. It is a fantastic way to make an impact. 

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Because there are so many different ways of communicating with an audience now, it’s about finding the most salient points and distilling them into high-quality content. This is where video is the most immediate, but also the one with the biggest returns.

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