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February 18, 2011 - 1 minute read - Blog, Marketing Your Business Online

Here are a few first page rankings for – all achieved via BLOGGING, with almost 0 backlinking efforts. See the power of a blog?!

Position #5 – modern online business marketing

Position #6 – modern online marketing

Position #2 – blog creation for small businesses

Position #6 – blog creation for small business

Position #2 – blog creation for your business

Those are just a few of the 1st page rankings for Wanna know the best part? We really didn’t even try to rank for several of those keywords! Honestly! With a properly optimized blog and relevant content Google decided to place on the 1st page for several global keyword terms. That is the power of a blog! Can you see why a blog can do wonders for your business? Heck even if you don’t want to pay us to blog for you, we can definitely show you how to correctly blog the right way so that your business can be showing at the top of Google for tons of keywords relating to your market!

Bottom line – blogs rock!

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