Kick-Start Your 2016 with Mod Girl’s Most Popular Posts in 2015

Kick-Start Your 2016 with Mod Girl’s Most Popular Posts in 2015

January 4, 2016 - 3 minutes read - Inbound Marketing

2015 has come and gone as have many blog posts. At Mod Girl Marketing, our goal is to create useful content on SEO, social media marketing, and inbound marketing to help businesses grow online. To help kickstart your 2016 marketing efforts we’ve compiled a list of our most popular marketing posts from last year, according to our readers.

The popular posts mentioned below are still relevant marketing strategies for 2016. In fact, many of the top digital marketing tools we listed for 2015 are even more effective this year.

Top 12 Best Digital Marketing Tools For 2015

best marketing tools 2015

Do you ever get the feeling that your days could be “so much easier” — if you only had the right tools? Today it seems there is software and a dashboard for everything. In this post we reveal the top online marketing tools that are worth the investment.

8 Quick Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter

 8 Quick Ways To Generate Leads On Twitter

Did you know 34% of marketers have generated leads on Twitter and 20% have closed sales? SO how can you start generating leads on Twitter? Here are 8 Twitter lead generation tips to help get you started.

8 Reasons Your B2B Content Marketing is Failing

b2b content marketing

In 2015, B2B marketers began creating more content but only 38% of marketers claim to have a successful B2B content marketing plan. In this post we discuss eight specific problems B2B marketers encounter with their business blog along with the steps you need to create a winning B2B content marketing strategy.

5 Reasons CMOs Should Be Talking About Analytics

5 Reasons CMOs Should Be Talking About Analytics

As an inbound marketing agency specializing in web analytics consulting, we understand why so many CMOs are hesitant to get started. It’s easier than ever to begin tracking data when you have the right tools. In this post we explain how web analytics can change the way you increase revenue and transform your business.

These are just a few of the marketing resources Mod Girl® published last year. Be sure to stay in touch, we have a great deal in store for our clients and subscribers in 2016.

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