Modern Marketing: Standing Out From The Crowd Isn’t As Hard As You Think

September 10, 2020 - 8 minutes read - Contributed Posts, Mod Marketing

The continued fallout of the global pandemic has caused a very competitive marketplace as firms fight to survive. Effective marketing will play a central role in any company hoping to navigate the current challenges. Standing out from the crowd is the first task facing any SME.

Given the limitations in place and fierce level of competition, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is an impossible task. However, success can be achieved with a few simple tricks. Here’s all you need to know.

1. Understand Modern Consumer Searches

As far as online traffic is concerned, search engines remain the lifeblood of any marketing strategy. While SEO is essential, you must now learn to take things beyond a simple choice of organic versus local optimization. Essentially, you must respond to evolving consumer habits.

The stats show that mobile searches have overtaken desktop browsing. Moreover, the sharp increase in voice searches should encourage you to adapt your approach to content creation. When your site can collect traffic from people running voice command searches, conversions should soar. This is particularly true when handling local leads that are ready to buy.

On a similar note, appreciating the value of reviews and testimonials can work wonders. After all, a growing number of clients skip straight to the companies that have verified positive reviews and a five-star rating.

2. Persist With “Outdated” Methods

Most marketing teams are eager to embrace the latest trends and pioneering technologies. While you cannot afford to be left behind, it’s vital to remember that traditional marketing still has a role to play. Moreover, the reduced competition can make it a lot easier to stand out.

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Searching for opportunities in magazines or on the radio can be a great way to target an audience. Direct marketing is another feature that should be openly embraced. It’s cost-effective, offers a chance for greater engagement, and can speed up the process. Relying on long-winded digital sales funnels can give consumers multiple chances to back out or look elsewhere.

When used to supplement modern ideas, your hopes of building familiarity with the brand are greatly increased. Given the reduced face-to-face and store interactions currently available, this can make a huge impact. 

3. Target The Right People

It’s one thing to ensure that your business gets seen. However, visibility in the right circles is another altogether. Aside from ensuring that you reach the right people, it’s a step that will go a long way to reducing wasted ads. In turn, this will translate to greater efficiency for a boosted bottom line.

Building an ideal consumer profile is an essential step. This should cover an array of details, such as age, gender, financial background, location, and relationship status. Once you know exactly who you are marketing to, it should guide and direct all future marketing endeavors. Thus delivering better results.

Thanks to modern tech, running focus groups and delivering targeted ad campaigns could not be easier. When supported by analytical tools and ideas like A/B testing, engagement and conversions should experience an upturn.

4. Be Memorable

Once upon a time, gaining an interaction from a potential customer was a good indication that sales would follow. Nowadays, though, consumers can interact with hundreds of brands every single day due to the constant exposure. So, you also need to ensure yours is one that they remember.

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Simple ideas that others have ignored will allow you to leave a bigger impression. For example, then, you could get custom branded socks from Custom Sock Lab. Those promotional gifts will stand out more than a business card or branded pen. While the customer might not see the item quite as frequently, their engagement will be far greater.

Despite the fact that you want to avoid unnecessarily long sales funnels, you don’t have to get the sale today. When promotional gifts can build a stronger rapport and underline the sense of value for money, you won’t go far wrong.

5. Collaborate

Assuming that it’s your business versus the world is one of the worst traps you can fall into. On the contrary, collaboration is the ultimate way to build a bigger audience and build a more professional image. The fact is that there are plenty of non-competing companies out there. Embrace them.

Whether it’s running a cross-promotion or simply mentioning each other on social media is up to you. Potential partnerships include links between PTs and health food shops. Or barbers with clothes outlets. The collaborative works can help spearhead quick progress in a mutually beneficial manner. If nothing else, it’s a fast route to trust.

Collaborating is good enough for some of the biggest companies on the planet, so it’s certainly good enough for yours. At a time where brands are under more pressure than ever, it could be the safety net you need.

6. Sell Yourself

Finally, you must never overlook the fact that you are the brand’s biggest USP. This is something that many modern companies forget to promote, which is why they become bland and forgettable. Give customers greater insight into the people behind the company, and positivity will follow.

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Content creation is a great way to do this. Thanks to digital links, you can offer behind-the-scenes insights and try ideas that were not previously possible. Video content is retained with far more efficiency too. So, this is the perfect solution for drip-feeding key information about products, services, and brand ethos. This can include your social responsibility.

When customers feel connected to a brand and its owner, they are more likely to buy. If transparency can help strengthen the bond further, you’d be a fool to ignore it. Aside from generating new deals from new clients, it may open the door to upselling opportunities.

The Final Word

Masterful marketing is the only way you’ll stand a chance of surviving the new norm. With the above steps all in place, you won’t go far wrong.

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