3 Ways To Get More Responses With Video

October 17, 2023 - 2 minutes read - LinkedIn Content Strategy, LinkedIn Strategy, LinkedIn Training

3 ways to leverage video for outreach.

70% of sales professionals report that video-based email performs better than text-based email.

If you aren’t using video in your outreach efforts yet, you need to be.

Video creates a connection that you can’t get from other mediums.

I started leveraging video back in 2014, and ever since it’s been the biggest driver of qualified appointments for my agencies. 

Here’s how to use video in your prospecting efforts:

– Send a video with your cold outreach – make it personalized and casual

– Use video as a follow-up message or email

– Send a video as a follow-up after you send a proposal or engage with someone at the company.

I elaborate on these 3 things in this video above.

There’s no denying that video is an incredibly powerful communication tool.

Of course, you need a strategy behind your video efforts.

Every time you send a video message or email you need to be strategic.

And if this seems overwhelming, I got you.

Our team at Luminetics specializes in helping teams increase their bottom line by leveraging video.

We create humanized content for your team and show them how to create video messages that actually generate responses and help increase conversions.

Video isn’t going anywhere, and now is the time to jump on it before your competitors do.

The #1 tool I use to help me with all of my video outreach is Magnfi. You can try it for free here.

Send me a message if you want to learn more about our video mastery programs.

Interested in leveraging our team of expert LinkedIn strategists to create a customized content strategy? → luminetics.io

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