The #1 Way To Build Thought Leadership On LinkedIn

October 13, 2023 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn Content Strategy, LinkedIn Strategy, Thought Leadership

The fastest way your exec team can build their thought leadership is…


It elevates your brand.

It elevates your team.

I recently shared why it’s important that your exec team is active on social media.

Video is such an effective way to do that.

You have a team of subject matter experts sitting right in front of you.

So, leverage them!

Let them build your brand and provide value to your prospects.

It’s a fast and effective way to generate new business.

Our favorite video tool is Magnfi. It makes getting on a camera a breeze. Try it out here.

And if your team is struggling to get on camera, I’ve got you.

Send me a message if you want some of my top video content tips.

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