Want More Views On Your LinkedIn Content? Try This.

September 1, 2023 - 2 minutes read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Content

Are your LinkedIn post views weak right now?

We love to blame the algorithm, but here’s the truth…

Sometimes it’s because of something simple.

Like your hook is weak.

Aka the opening line(s) of your post.

Think of a hook as a first impression – it needs to be solid or you’ll just blend in with everyone else.

Ain’t nobody got time to blend in with the crowd.

So quit slacking on your content hooks.

And make sure the actual post content is legit.

What comes after the first impression is just as important.

You can win someone over immediately, but then turn out to be a disappointment in reality.

The same goes for your posts.

Spend the extra time it takes to create quality content (hook + body + end).

Quality > Quantity

You and your team can also accomplish this when sharing your company’s posts.

Send me a message if you want to learn how I can get your team to start doing this consistently.

If you want some solid hook ideas here are 5:

“3 secrets that nobody will tell you…”

“Here’s the truth about…”

“I wish I knew this sooner.”

“No one is talking about…”

“You won’t believe this XYZ hack”

And here are 8 more hooks that you can steal.

What’s your favorite way to entice people to consume your content?

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