Why Do I Need A Website Promotion Company?

September 12, 2013 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Website Promotion
Forbes just published an editorial about the trouble that business owners run into with their websites. Brad Shorr writes, “When companies begin planning a new website, everyone is brimming with excitement and great ideas. But all too often, at the end of the project, the prevailing mood is disappointment.” He blames faulty site construction for the most part.
Creating a successful website “takes a team of talented professionals with an organized, detailed and documented process,” he adds.
Mod Girl Marketing goes beyond the standards of keyword research, site mapping, design, pre-launch testing and troubleshooting. We specialize in analytics data to ensure your website performs to your expectations. If necessary, our team of skilled writers can create winning content that will keep leads coming in and boost the popularity of your site. We also excel at social media networking to tirelessly promote your business. In short — whether you need a new site design or your website simply isn’t performing — you NEED a website promotion company.

A Website Promotion Company Saves Time.

Most business owners began the same way. They started the company from the ground up and did it all themselves — press release submissions, blog content, social media, the whole nine yards. After all, there are plenty of resources out there. Over time, this heavy-handed approach is exhausting! Business owners spend far too much valuable time promoting, when they should be growing their businesses through face-to-face  interactions, building up their staff team, selling, and living the good life. Rather than spend time and energy hiring and overseeing a full staff of internet marketers, content creators and social media experts, we do it all for you. Using state-of-the-art software, we can manage and measure multiple accounts with ease. Depending on the package, our website promotion company saves the average client anywhere from five to 20 hours a week.

A Website Promotion Company Is Consistent.

In order to achieve consistent results, you need a consistent game plan. It can be overwhelming to concern yourself with scheduling daily Facebook posts, tweets, LinkedIn and Google+ updates, press releases, newsletters and blog posts. Yet, once you establish an audience, they come to expect a certain degree of predictability. You need to know the most productive times of day and days of the week to create new posts. You also need to know what type of content your audience is looking for — and how the search engines have updated their ranking criteria.

A Website Promotion Company Delivers Results.

Our website promotion company has a longstanding track record of first page search results in Bing, Google and Yahoo search engines. We work with you to create content that leads to conversions and sales. Through analytics, A/B testing and reports, we can demonstrate the effectiveness of our designs, content and strategies. You can read a few of our testimonials to get an idea of how we are helping companies like yours promote their businesses online.

Here are some of the many tactics we can employ for you:

online marketing strategy

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