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Mod Girl Marketing Has a Whole New Look and New Services

April 14, 2016 - 4 minutes read - Mod Girl News
Mod Girl Marketing has a whole new look! But this isn’t just exciting news for us…

What Does The New Mod Girl Site Mean For Existing Clients?

  • Client Spotlight: Some of your businesses are prominently featured in the new Client Success Stories section, which also illustrates the profound effect a change in strategy or a bold step forward with a new partner can make to a successful, but ascending, enterprise.

What Value Does The New Mod Girl Site Offer For Prospective Clients?

  • Free Audit: We find conducting an audit of where you’ve been and where you currently are is a great way to determine where you can go in the future. For us, it’s an ideal way of getting to know and select prospective clients. Our audits also contain valuable feedback for your business, whether you decide to hire us or take action yourself. Request Your Free Mini Website Audit 
  • Tailored Solutions: Maybe you know your social or blogging efforts have been lacking. The new Inbound Marketing Solutions page breaks down all of our offerings, from inbound marketing consulting in specific areas of online brand development, to full-service turnkey solutions and white label offerings for other marketing firms. Also, check out our one-to-one consulting page to learn how we help technology firms, healthcare industry clients and others maximize their marketing dollars during times of change.
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Looking For Bigger, Bolder Results From Your Inbound Marketing In 2016?

As our latest press release chronicles, we’ve worked with a variety of clients over the past decade, but some of our most impressive work has been with clients in healthcare like plastic surgeons and weight loss centers, to clients in tech like app creators and SAAS providers.

While results vary, we have seen clients increase leads by 335% (with an 85% conversion rate) in less than six months! We’ve seen 3,000 new visitors flood client websites, with a click-through rate 1.4x that of the competition. We’ve seen visitors spend 53% more time on client websites, with a 23% reduction in bounce rate due to our content suggestions. We’ve seen fledgling apps get 100,000 downloads due to increased visibility from SEO consulting and social media referrals soar more than 200%. The world is your oyster, friend! What are you waiting for? Stretch your marketing dollars with help from a trusted, knowledgeable inbound marketing agency.

Not Sure Where to Start? It All Begins with a Mod Inbound Audit

Perhaps you just have a nagging suspicion that your lead generation and conversions could be better, but you’re not sure what changes to your existing marketing strategy will have the greatest impact. Our Mod Inbound Audit offers the most comprehensive feedback on web content, SEO, social media, email marketing, content and cross-channel branding.

As always, you can snag free marketing advice from our inbound marketing blog or contact Mod Girl Marketing here.

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