This year, small businesses are expected to spend $700 million for online reputation management services. Yet, you may be wondering: Is this type of service par for the course for online businesses… or just another rip-off?

What Is Reputation Management?

Brand management promises to minimize negative comments about your brand published online. Often, disgruntled customers take to social media, forums, review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, and WordPress blogs to air their grievances — even if they haven’t issued a formal complaint that you can fix.

Once negative remarks have been published online, it can be difficult — even impossible — to delete. So, much of the work that we do involves convincing the search engines to favor the new, positive content we produce — versus the old, outdated, nasty past.

According to BIA/Kelsey, 24 percent of small businesses monitor their brands online. Although only 5 percent are paying someone for the service, this number is rapidly growing due to the amount of time and work it takes to monitor the enormous glut of comments posted on a daily basis.

Online Reputation Management Services May Include:

Big Marketing Agencies

  • Creating new social media profiles
  • You’re not converting traffic into sales. Naturally, traffic isn’t everything. What good is it if you get 5,000 people coming to your Kansas roofing page if these people do not live in Kansas and do not plan on hiring a roofing contractor in the near future? Quality of traffic matters, too. That can be achieved through diligent keyword research, thoughtful web copy and blog content, targeted social media marketing, and improved PPC advertising. Studies show the average conversion rate should be 2 to 10 percent, depending on your industry.
  • Optimizing current social media profiles
  • Posting positive reviews
  • Creating and distributing press releases
  • Publishing blog/social media/forum comments
  • Editing Wikipedia entries
  • Contacting webmasters directly to request that certain information is removed
  • Engaging in top-notch SEO services in order to increase rankings for particular keywords and push down negative listings

Why Mod Girl Marketing?

In 2012, we dealt with a smear campaign of our own. One of our copywriters had recently come over from another online marketing firm — and let’s just say, the company didn’t like that one bit! They fabricated rumors that we had somehow stolen their clients or their copy — which couldn’t be further from the truth! The owner of the company became obsessed with creating as many sites as he could to destroy us! What a nightmare, right?? However, through our diligent white-hat SEO and content-creation efforts, we were able to kill these lies and continue doing what we do best.

Part of what makes Mod Girl Marketing special is, not just our knowledge and experience, but also our commitment to doing things right the first time. We pride ourselves on our thorough work and brutal honesty. Reputation management companies are known for being “shady” and charging thousands of dollars for little to no work. That’s not how we operate at Mod Girl Marketing – we go above and beyond for every client, and reputation management clients are no exception. Please note that most reputation management packages offered by Mod Girl range from $6,000 to $12,000 and include several months of strategic implementation. Most results are seen within 6 months, some as little as 60 days. Our packages include very comprehensive reputation services, ensuring your negative listings are on the bottom of page 2 and beyond. We do not place judgement on others, as we have witnessed for ourselves just how cruel and completely irrational people can be.

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