Here's How POS Software Can Help Your Business Grow

Here’s How POS Software Can Help Your Business Grow [Contributed Blog]

July 5, 2019 - 8 minutes read - Business Growth, Business Tools, Contributed Posts, Marketing Tools

POS software can help your business grow in a number of ways, for example with POS marketing, loyalty cards, training, cloud tech, and more. We’ll touch upon all these aspects in this article.


POS marketing ideas can increase sales. One popular concept that businesses have leveraged to their advantage involves loyalty cards. Your business can get involved in POS marketing simply through loyalty cards. You’ll see several loyalty cards from various shops that you frequent by taking a quick glance at your wallet, purse, or key-chain. While you might not even recall getting some of them, it’s probable that they move you to continue visiting that particular location for your purchases.

A simple option for a loyalty card is a punch card. If you run a coffee shop or convenience store, creating a “Buy one, get one free” option can be a great way to keep customers coming back to you for more. This approach has been applied by various successful international chains and within the framework of many other rewards programs. Case studies of companies who’ve utilized this approach show it can really help maintain sustained patronage by customers.

Encourage signups by offering a free gift or sample at the register for requesting a loyalty card.

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Display screen add-ons

Some businesses, like restaurants, use display screen add-ons to encourage sales. Some restaurants include a screen prompt to questions customers if they would like their meals to-go or if they want to stay and eat at the place.

Just by getting you to press yes, these restaurants get to increase their sales! Clients make a fast, impulsive decision at the exact right time – when their credit cards are out. You can also integrate this option into a larger strategy with loyalty cards.

This approach works great at any point of sale that requires clients to click through a number of screens. You could use this approach to make a donation or get people to add on a small purchase to their order. Check out this list of restaurant pos systems.

Reduced Risk of Low Efficiency

Companies worldwide have become up to five times more efficient by using cloud-based POS software. There has also been a dramatic increase in its output speed. This is mainly due to quick file sharing and collaboration capabilities that cloud technology offers. By reducing the risk of low efficiency, POS software helps your business flourish.

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Reduced Technical Risk

Companies that invest in cloud-based POS systems have been able to reduce the technical risk a great deal by bringing technical infrastructure down to the necessary minimum. This has become possible by eliminating almost all servers and extra storage software. You don’t need to compromise your IT operations to cut costs.

Streamlining Training

Training is a process of lifelong learning. Many companies have found POS systems much easier to work with and train staff on than conventional cash registers. It’s a good idea to set up one more official training day as a time to answer any new questions, receive feedback, or address any concerns.

We recommend making a small training session part of weekly staff meetings to keep everyone updated and make sure everyone understands the POS software you’re about to deploy. Most POS vendors offer additional customer support or a video library or documentation for help, just make sure you ask. There are always some bad apples out there, even in the nicest bunch.

Tell your staff you are always available to help them work the POS system. Make sure everyone from the waiter to the host understands.

Extra training is a great way to get everyone up to speed if you plan on or already have opened another location. It’s also useful to track everyone’s personal progress as new employees get into the swing of things. The more you focus on POS training, the more you can judge how effective your system is. It will beat a cash register any day.


Cloud-based POS systems are always designed with the user experience in mind. They are generally quite simple to get the hang of, thereby reducing the risk of human error. Cloud tech is intuitive, reducing risk by preventing loss of productivity and time. The level of frustration is also reduced. Customer support costs drop, as does the risk of unhappy customers.


Each business has different needs, so you need a tool that can be easily adapted and customized to cater to your concrete ones. A POS system can help with this a great deal. Generally, the POS systems available on the market today are not hard to customize. If your business is expanding, a scalable system can prove imperative. This is important to keep in mind because there’s no point in investing in a solution that can’t be scaled.

Helpful Community Forum

You need to be aware of this automation trend. A community forum is a great way to engage potential customers. Access to a community forum helps current and future customers connect with product experts through peer-to-peer discussions.


A POS system ensures good automation and smooth implementation as long as you know how to handle the implementation process. A reliable POS solution answers the question of how business software will improve your bottom line and ROI.

Your POS vendor should offer a clear and structured data conversion methodology that will enable easy data migration. Normally, POS software is intuitive. Even a person without any technical knowledge can find their way around quickly and easily.

Still, you should ask what it would cost if your vendor had to send a technician on-site to solve a problem concerning your business. The charges vary depending on the issue. You need to know ahead of time if the software vendor plans to send a technician to resolve any issue that might emerge.


As you can see, a POS system can help your business in many ways. It facilitates a sense of teamwork, which can lead to better performance for all your employees and a better experience for clients.

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