What Should You Post On LinkedIn?

April 4, 2023 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Content, LinkedIn Content Strategy

Over 40 million decision-makers are using LinkedIn.

And they’re spending at least an hour a week reading content on LinkedIn. 

So next time you or your team shares a piece of content, keep this in mind:

Is it pitchy?

Is it too long?

Is it boring?

Attention spans are short.

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Nobody is going to read the 20+ page whitepaper you share on LinkedIn or watch an hour-long video.

But if you took that whitepaper and put it into an engaging carousel, you’re likely to capture their attention.

Or maybe you hop on camera and offer a valuable tip.

In this Video from my LinkedIn series with DigitalMarketer, I break down why companies need to diversify the types of posts that are shared and prioritize value. 

What type of content works best for your audience?

For me, video is the most powerful content type.

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