How Often Should You Be Posting On LinkedIn?

February 23, 2024 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Content, LinkedIn Content Strategy

Do you really have to post every day on this platform to see results?

Studies show…

There is no magical number of times you should be posting here.

So what should you do?

↦ Post whenever it makes sense for you.

At least once a week.

Two times a week is better.

Three times a week is even better.

But you don’t need to post every day.

In fact, please don’t.

Especially if you don’t have anything meaningful to say.

Here’s a better way to start posting content consistently:

1. Curate like a pro

↣ Find inspiring posts (from companies or influencers).
↣ Choose a few to re-share.
↣ Add your unique insight.

2. Create original content

↣ Pick a topic that fires you up.
↣ Craft a post that delivers real value.
↣ Repeat strategically (not obsessively).

This approach isn’t just about posting – it’s about sparking real conversations and building your brand.

Quality trumps quantity every time.

In my personal branding mastery series, I show teams how to quickly curate and post content that actually resonates.

Reach out for more.

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