Mandy McEwen Discusses How Marketing on LinkedIn Differs From Marketing On Other Social Platforms

April 30, 2020 - 1 minute read -
“The LinkedIn platform has a reputation as a place for professionals — more so than the other social networking sites — so we tailor our marketing strategy to that particular audience. Rather than the more casual, fun tone we use on Facebook and Twitter, we keep things straightforward and professional on LinkedIn. We share helpful resources that will further people’s knowledge, skills, and career because people are on LinkedIn to grow professionally. For example, we recently shared a guide on how to build a marketing dream team as well as a blog post on 8 effective LinkedIn strategies for B2B marketing.

In addition to being a place where professionals hang out – more so than other social networking sites – LinkedIn also has a number of features that other social media platforms lack. Features that enable you to expand your reach and connect with people directly.

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