What Is Rebranding & Why Do All Companies Eventually Need It?

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By definition, rebranding is “the process of giving a product or an organization a new image, in order to make it more attractive or successful.” Branding is a core tenet of marketing, whether you’re running a start-up that has only existed for a few months or a well-established corporation. Sharing the essence of what makes your company unique is ultimately what attracts and keeps clients, but it doesn’t always work out in real life how you imagine. That’s why rebranding is often necessary.

How Does Rebranding Drive Marketing Strategy?

This nifty Marketing Profs infographic explains the process of branding and how it fits in with other types of marketing:


As you can see, developing a brand involves soul searching and sharing your mission through various forms of content. Yet, this mission can change or evolve as your company grows. Craft breweries are the perfect example. Perhaps Boston Beer Company could market itself as a “small, local craft beer operation” in the face of giant mass-produced beers like Budweiser and Coors when it was founded in 1984; but now they are churning out 2.5 million barrels of beer a year and are currently tied with Yuengling as the largest American-owned beer supplier in America. While their product hasn’t changed in terms of quality, they are suddenly faced with a huge glut of competition, so it was imperative that the Boston Beer Company rebrand itself as — not only “a craft beer producer” — but the leader at the forefront of the craft beer revolution.

Why All Companies Eventually Need Rebranding

There are limitless reasons why a company may need to rebrand as time goes on.

  • Pepsi – The company decided to rebrand with new ergonomic packaging to separate from the competition.
  • Dominos – Who says pizza can’t be hip and classy? The company’s new boxes were designed for Millennials.
  • Tazo Tea – Given consumer attention to ingredient lists, Tazo rebranded as a high-quality luxury tea company.
  • Wendy’s – It had been 30 years since the fast food chain logo came out, so they subtly modernized their look.
  • Boston Pizza – Rebranding can sometimes be temporary to capitalize on a high-profile event or sponsorship.
  • Mountain Dew – Rebranding can also be an excuse to get consumers involved and roll out a fun, exciting contest.
  • AIG – After its name was taken through the mud as the harbinger of recession, AIG unveiled a new image.
  • Apple – After changing from Apple Computer to Apple, the company could offer more products like iPods.
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These are just a few examples and reasons why rebranding works — and why, eventually, everyone needs a face-lift.

Marketing Sherpa Case Study Shows Rebranding Pays Off

According to Marketing Sherpa, “Online-focused rebranding increases website traffic 20%, Facebook fans 1,000% and YouTube subscribers 70%.” For Magic Software, rebranding was a necessity. The 30-year-old company was about to launch a new mobile platform, so they wanted new messaging and a new look/feel to penetrate the market. Here’s how their look evolved:


“Our emphasis was on the content and purpose behind the rebranding and not so much showing off the aesthetics of the new brand,” said Global Marketing VP Tania Amar.  “Even though we are very happy with our new design and logo, we were more interested in explaining the real evolution that our company was, and still is, going through to our customers and partners than in general market publicity.” All in all, the internal meetings and rebranding paid off with measurable ROI.

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