How To Reply To Targeted Connections On LinkedIn

December 8, 2020 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, Thought Leadership

As we approach the end of the year, now is a great time to do some reflecting and planning for 2021.

Are you where you want to be? What are your goals for next year? 

If you really want to kick it up a notch next year and make big things happen, you need to focus on building your personal brand. 

The best place to do that?

Over on LinkedIn.

I have built numerous meaningful relationships on LinkedIn that have led to incredible opportunities.

Having a consistent and cohesive thought leadership strategy is key.

The Value Of Providing Thought Leadership For Companies

Once you commit to building out a cohesive strategy and actually implementing it, amazing things will happen.

Watch the video below to learn how to build meaningful relationships on LinkedIn.

Join me every 2nd Thursday of the month at 12 pm PT / 3 pm ET on LinkedIn where I’ll give you more tips on how you can maximize your LinkedIn marketing efforts and build your personal brand.

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