5 SaaS Tools To Boost Your Business In 2022

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What time is it?

It’s tool O’clock! 

Yes, you heard it right. In this day and age of automation and optimization, saving time is of the essence for any business. 

Gone are the days when businesses had to go door to door or rely on billboards and posters to market themselves. Well, digital marketing has scraped that route for you. But the real challenge still remains. The question today is not how do you market yourself? It is–how do you efficiently market yourself? Because efficient marketing will eventually boost your business.

SaaS tools come into the picture to back up the efficiency part. There are different automation tools for different purposes. Tools for sales automation, marketing automation, customer feedback optimization, content marketing, and social marketing would differ. The primary aim of using them is to save time. 

For example–You are a fashion brand, and you want to post a video with subtitles (if you can reach a wider audience, why not?) on your Instagram page. Now, you have two choices–either type out the text or use an online transcription and subtitling tool to get subtitles embedded in your video in minutes. The choice is simple, right? 

Well, using these tools is definitely not a necessity to run a standalone business. However, to stand out from other businesses and create your space in this digitally competent business world, SaaS tools are a wise decision. 

This article is all about knowing about these tools to make marketing an easy ride for you.

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But, before we know about the tools, let’s take a look at how these SaaS tools boost your business:

How do SaaS tools help in boosting your business? 

About 78% of small businesses already use one or more SaaS options. 

The main reason is that it saves time. But there are a few more reasons for how using SaaS tools might help you:

Relatively cheap

Saas tools are relatively cheaper than other IT services since the cloud is accessible to all. So if you are a small business with limited investment, going for a SaaS tool will be a cost-effective solution to your daily operations.


There are many automation tools in the market. If you want to streamline workflow within the organization, then you can find numerous options with different features and price ranges. Similarly, if you want a tool to automate marketing, then there are various options for that too.

No manual work 

Automating tasks automatically increases efficiency. While these tools reduce manual work, the scope of making mistakes is also reduced given minimal human interference to perform tasks.

These are some of the benefits of using SaaS tools. Let’s now take a look at five such tools that you can consider using:

5 Saas tools to boost your business

It’s time to put questions like–how to build an Instagram following? Or which type of content are my viewers enjoying? to rest.  Social media marketing tools will answer these for you. 

As stated earlier in the article, there are different tools for different types of automation. While social media marketing tools help you manage and grow your social media channels, there are other tools for digital marketing, sales, etc. We will have a look at the following five tools: 

  • Grammarly 
  • Hootsuite 
  • Google Analytics 
  • Canva 
  • Ahrefs 

Pick any of these depending on your needs! 

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Businesses already know the importance of clear communication with their customers. You may connect with your customers via videos or in the form of textual content. Your text needs to be grammatically immaculate and efficiently convey the meaning at the same time.

It is vital to avoid making mistakes while writing to your customers. Be it an email or a caption in a video, the language has to be free of errors. Grammarly helps you do that. 


This tool is used across varying industries–from education to retail business. It is not only used by marketers but even students use it to sound accurate.  

Grammarly is basically a digital assistance software that uses AI to correct errors and make a copy read better. You can get its extension from Google and use it for free or get a premium plan to improve the tone and writing style. 


How would it be for you if you could strategize, plan, post, and analyze all your social media platforms from a single platform? It will definitely save you a lot of time. You can spend more time on analyzing and improving than planning and publishing. Hootsuite is one such social media marketing tool that lets you do all of this from the platform itself. 

Let’s say you want to post a video showcasing your new products on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. One way of doing it is to go to these platforms individually and post the video. The other way is to post the video or schedule it for all media channels from Hootsuite. So, you get how important this tool could be for you.

It lets you use the following social media channels:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Google+
  • WordPress blogs

As seen in the above image, you can see all your social media channels’ metrics on HootSuite’s dashboard.

Creating a solid social media marketing strategy is step 1. Analyzing the audience’s response to each of your posts on all platforms helps you gain deeper insights into what your viewers actually enjoy. This tool helps you with the latter. Moreover, it allows you to share the account with multiple team members so you can work

Google analytics

Your brand is not what you say it is, it is what Google says it is”  – Chris Anderson

The quote clearly states that in order to boost your business, you need Google’s recognition. If you say you are the best fitness brand but the search engine fails to show your brand among the top search results, then the statement needs to be amended. 

How Google analyzes your site will show if your site ranks high on the search engine or not. Only if your brand ranks high in SEO, will it gain more traffic and vice versa. Analytics is an amazing tool to help you know how Google is evaluating your site.   


The tool measures all sorts of traffic metrics–including performance and audience insights in detail. You can go deeper into traffic metrics, visitor categorization, and location segmentation.

This will determine what needs to be revised, which viewers to focus on, and which type of content are the viewers enjoying.

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If you’re looking for a tool that will create multi-media content that is visually appealing and fast, then Canva is your tool. You can create designs in this tool by using their inbuilt easily-to-customize templates. 

Moreover, you can keep folders and manage content through this tool too. You can choose the theme from the available ones that reflect your brand aesthetic, and design and upload it to your social media channels. 

You can create and save branded templates or business cards. This tool empowers businesses to create their own graphics and market. Canva could be a rescue if you do not have a graphics designer on board and you want to create graphics. Also, it is extremely easy to use.

People create one design per second on Canva, said Canva’s CEO and co-founder Melanie Perkins. This shows that the design tool is gaining interest not only from small and medium scale businesses but also from big franchises and design agencies.  


Like Google analytics helps you gain in-depth traffic analysis, Ahrefs helps you achieve your SEO goals.

With this tool, you can search billions of keywords from 171 countries worth of data. It is used by many big companies. With their site audit tools, you can get reports on your site’s SEO performance. 


As seen in the image above, more than 90% of web pages do not get organic traffic from Google. Here’s when Ahrefs can help you research more than a billion web pages, find keywords, domain rankings, and much more. 

This tool also gives you an in-depth analysis of your competitor’s website traffic allowing you to add a benchmark for your own website.


This is all for SaaS tools to boost your business. The journey from being a startup to a brand is not a cakewalk. It runs its own course. While using these tools is not a necessity,  they sure act as a catalyst. They help you reach your destination faster by saving you time. After all, getting the end result within a limited amount of time is what all businesses aim for, isn’t it!

All businesses have different requirements. So, consider your business needs, choose a tool that suits you and start using it!

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