How To Scale Up Your Content Strategy When Your Business Is Growing

How To Scale Up Your Content Strategy When Your Business Is Growing [Contributed Blog]

July 3, 2019 - 8 minutes read - Business Growth, Contributed Posts, Marketing Your Business Online

When your business starts reaching for the stars, it is important that your content changes accordingly, and you are able to mirror the changes on your website and attract the right type of clients. No matter which industry you are in, it is possible to scale up your content strategy without having to spend a fortune on digital marketing companies’ packages. You just have to find your vision and mission and communicate the same brand messages consistently. Below you will find a few tips on how to get started.

Invest In SEO

Search engine optimization is a great way of getting consistent traffic to your site without having to pay for every visitor. You can do your search engine optimization on your own, or get in touch with an SEO agency that will automate your processes. It is, however, important that you are not taking too many risks. Being tied to a 12-month contract without knowing whether or not the system will work might be foolish of you. Signing up for a free trial is the best way of determining whether the marketing company delivers.

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Improve Your Social Media

Apart from search engine rankings, social media can deliver you a lot of free traffic, too. If you don’t have a sales process in place yet, it might be a good idea to start working on it. Talk to a sales funnel marketing agency that will design your lead capture pages, your touch points, and help you measure your conversions from social media marketing, so you can maximize your return on marketing investment.

Identify Your Target Market

Once you have managed to improve your marketing and put systems in place to automate it, you should think about your new target niche. You can create an ideal customer persona and do your research, so you know that you are speaking the same language as your audience. There are several useful exercises you can complete if you would like to find a profitable niche to target with your online and offline content and marketing strategy.

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Get To Know Your Competitors

Apart from knowing your customers and ideal clients, you will also have to find a way to identify your competitors. Finding your unique selling proposition will help you improve your digital and offline content strategy and make the most out of your investment. You should always check whether your offers are competitive enough, and strive to provide more value than the majority of companies out there. If you can develop your unique selling proposition, you will have more focused messages that will reach the right audience.

Blog Regularly

Blogging should be a part of your content marketing strategy. People love getting free information. On the other hand, you will also need blogging to improve your search engine rankings and create a strong brand. Your blog should be written with your audience in mind, and reflect your values and vision while highlighting the solutions you offer to your market. At the same time, it might be a good idea to create some behind-the-scenes posts as well, so you can prove that you are real and trustworthy.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is the key to successfully reaching the right audience. Most people need to be exposed to a message multiple times to be convinced that the offer is for them. That is why you will have to avoid confusing them with different topics and styles. Create a consistent brand image and tone, so people will instantly recognize you, no matter if they read your social media posts or your blog or press releases.

Learn to Communicate Your Value

One of the things you will need to make your content strategy work for your growing business is communicating your value. If you can get your potential clients to see that they are getting a good deal, you will not have to go for the hard sell methods. You can add an autoresponder to your sales funnel, so you can stay in touch with your leads and your existing customers, delivering value every time and showcasing your talent and the solutions you are offering.

Manage Your Reputation

Once your business starts growing, and you scale up your business and marketing, you are likely to come across more trolls than ever before. The more customers you serve, the more likely it is that some of them will be less pleased. You should create a corporate profile and monitor your online reviews. You will need to show people that you are real and have a brand name and company name that is easy to find in directories. If you are unsure which incorporation form to choose, you can have a word with an expert at Your Company Formations, based on your industry and your business profile.

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Engage with Influencers

If you would like to reach more people with your content, you can use different networks. Guest blogging might be a good idea, provided that it is not carried out in bulk, and your content is closely related to the main topic of the website. If you would rather drive traffic to your business content through social media, you will have to find a way to engage with influencers in your industry. Paid or sponsored reviews don’t work as well as they used to, so always try to find people who will see the value in your offers by themselves and are happy to back you without compensation.

Strategic Partnerships

If you have a limited marketing budget, you can pool your resources with other companies’ and get recommendations from them, while recommending them. Creating strategic partnerships will not only allow you to reach your target audience faster and cheaper, but you can even create a new revenue source by setting up your own affiliate program or signing up for other people’s referral schemes.

When you are planning on growing your business, it is important that you take a close look at your marketing plan and find a way to improve your content.

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