Social Media Helping Fuel a Revolution in Egypt and the Middle East

February 1, 2011 - 3 minutes read - Blog, In the News..., Social Media Marketing

It’s interesting how times have changed in just the last few years. We previously relied on television for news – now it has merely become a second source for information. The internet is now fueling the revolution in Egypt. Although the Egyptian government was smart enough to figure this out, even the blocked internet can’t keep Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter away.

These social media outlets are being used as voices for journalists from around the world as Egyptians are taking the streets, protesting their corrupt government. Young Egyptian protestors, American tourists and television news anchors are all revealing their experiences in Egypt via social media. No longer can the government news outlets determine what information is revealed. Whether you believe the world governments are corrupt or not – one thing is certain. Social media reveals the truth!

Because of the raw nature of social media, the Egyptian government can’t hide the dirty secrets of corruption and violence. What you see as company “reviews” with social media the Egyptian government sees as “corruption exposed.” Some say social media is a fad…? If the truth is a fad then I am in trouble! I have faith there are enough honest people in the world to fuel social media outlets, revealing the truth in all aspects of life….including corrupt governments!

It’s crazy to think how a young man from Tunisia can start a revolution from such an inconceivable suicide. Although it is awful to see the destruction and loss of life caused by such a heated revolution, there is a much needed change in Middle Eastern governments. My trip to Tunisia in college was a rude awakening of Middle Eastern masochistic culture. As we were offered free taxi rides in exchange for favors, we quickly realized the lack of respect for women in this nation. The fast-paced, hustling, and perverse nature of the business owners and locals didn’t make the trip a positive lasting impression.

After seeing women treated like second class citizens, fully clothed from head to toe in 110 degree weather, I began to greatly appreciate my culture and freedom. Everyone deserves freedom. I can tell you that in Tunisia, freedom and equality were not prevalent in all citizens. Although I have only visited a small portion of Tunisia, I know that all Middle Eastern citizens deserve more out of life.

I am unsure of what is yet to come of Egypt and the Middle East but I hope for the best. May this revolution be a success..and may social media be the driving forces – leading to a revolution worthy of history books, or Ipads. 🙂

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