How Do You Stand Out In Content Marketing

March 17, 2022 - 3 minutes read - Content Marketing, Content Strategy, Mod Marketing

How Do You Stand Out In Content Marketing?

You may think that you have nothing new to add to the world. You don’t have a “hot take” on your industry.

The truth is, you don’t need one.

You can always provide content that is:

How to stand out in content marketing
  • More simple
  • More helpful
  • More visual
  • More entertaining
  • More human

For example, Andy was influenced by Joe Pulizzi, who many credit with the idea that businesses need a content marketing mission statement.

Andy broke down this idea into an XYZ framework. He said you need three things:

Our content is where [Audience X] gets [information Y] that offers [benefit Z].

content-mission-statement (1).png

That’s it.

The result? Andy’s article ended up becoming even more successful than Joe’s original article. It was just more simple, and people like simple.

Andy says to “distill it down because we’re all in a hurry.”

“People don’t buy the best product or service. They buy the one they can most easily understand. Clear messaging is the new currency in marketing.”Kim Garst

“Get personal and speak to your audience’s pain points. Make it about THEM rather than you. Don’t be afraid to offer your unique perspective.”Mandy McEwen

Content Marketing is Collaborative

The best content marketers do not create content in a vacuum.

They create with other content marketers.

Why should you reach out and collaborate when making content?

1. You will learn things. When you get other people’s opinions and perspectives, you see things from a different point of view.

2. You build your network. There is more than enough to go around. Talking to other practitioners in your industry only sets you up as a thought leader, and as someone with connections.

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3. It boosts your content’s reach. When you feature other people in your content, they will be more likely to share your stuff. They will put your content in front of people who have never heard of you.

4, It can lead to more diverse, better content. It’s important to include folks of different genders, races, and overall outlooks than you.

5. You’ll make people happy. When you reach out to people to position them as an expert on a topic, you make their day. Everyone wants to have their viewpoint valued.

“I’ll say it in the strongest way I can. We are in an era now that is post-single-point-of-view. If the content does not have multiple points of view, you did not meet the minimum requirements for modern content.” — Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media

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