Three Simple Tips To Help You Post Content On LinkedIn

September 9, 2022 - 2 minutes read - Content Strategy, LinkedIn Content, LinkedIn Content Strategy

Posting on LinkedIn doesn’t need to be complicated.

So many teams I train get analysis-paralysis when it comes to posting content.

They don’t know what and how to post.

I always tell them – just start SOMEWHERE.

Find content that inspires you and share that with your two cents added.

It can be a post from a colleague, a tweet, an article, anything.

Get into the habit of posting regularly.

And it doesn’t have to be time-consuming either.

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It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes of your day to be effective.

In this short clip from my speech at Social Media Day in Wichita, I share a few simple tips to help you quickly post on LinkedIn: 

– Share content whenever possible and add your own take 

– Aim to post 2-5x a week (same goes for your company page)

– Use 3-5 hashtags in your posts (use branded ones when you can)

And of course, make sure to reply to all comments on your posts and leave engaging comments on others’ as well.

With a strategy and calendar in place, you can create engaging content that generates more exposure for your team and your company.

We can train your team on how to effectively leverage LinkedIn to increase your brand’s social selling revenue. Here’s how:

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