The Most Underutilized Yet Powerful Feature On LinkedIn

January 10, 2023 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips

This is the most UNDERUTLIZED yet powerful feature on LinkedIn.

I’m talking about the one thing that most people don’t want to do, but it only takes 30 seconds…

And makes you stand out from everyone else because…

The majority of people on this platform do NOT have it.

It’s so easy to do and such an effective way to capture your prospect’s attention.

And it literally takes 30 seconds of your time.

That’s it.

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Watch this video above to see how to do it, then go to my profile and watch mine as an example.

Tip: Keep it to 25 seconds because LinkedIn sometimes gets weird when it’s closer to 30 seconds.

Another tip: Record it from your phone first, then upload it to LinkedIn.

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