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What Does Corporate Blog Development Entail?

April 4, 2013 - 3 minutes read - Blog, Blog Creation, Business Branding, SEO, Social Media

Most corporations are fully aware that blogs are an excellent medium for their businesses. However, they may not have the slightest idea about how to design and implement a successful blog strategy. Most entrepreneurs try to go it alone, but find they aren’t ranking well or attracting the organic traffic they imagined would come natural.

Need Help Ranking & Driving Traffic?

That’s where Mod Girl Marketing comes in handy! We have experience getting blogs to rank, developing topics that will interest your readers, and designing a blog that is user-friendly AND search-engine-friendly too!

You see, a corporate blog is not about hitting readers over the head with promotions or selling. A good corporate blog builds trust, establishes authority, and gives readers answers to their most pressing questions. You can engage and inform, without being pushy — although, it can be a delicate balance.

That being said, it’s not enough just to have great topics and an expert copywriter. You also need to have a site that is optimized for the search engines. You’ll need a clean site structure that does not confuse or deter search engine bots. You’ll need meta-tags, image tags, title tags, and a competitive keyword or two.

Corporate Blog Development Tools

We start you off with a quality custom WordPress blog, designed to match the parent site perfectly. This gives readers a sense of familiarity and helps you reinforce your brand. We can add the same colors and logo, not to mention easy-to-find contact info so your readers will know where to turn for more information.

Next, we can match you up with our expert copywriting team. You’ll get access to professional journalists who not only speak English as a first language, but who have Bachelor’s degrees in Journalism and 10 years of real world experience copywriting for businesses like yours.

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To develop your blog’s presence further, we’ll promote your blogs via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and other popular social media channels. We have experience creating YouTube videos if you’d like to add that channel to your repertoire as well. Increasing the size of your online footprint will help with visibility.

We also like to publish premium press releases, buy PPC ads, and update local listings for our clients to improve ranking.

corporate blog development

See Real Results From Your Corporate Blog!

It can be daunting to give up some control of your blog to an outside company, but Mod Girl Marketing is a small boutique agency that focuses on customer service. In other words: we treat your business and your blog like our own! Contact us today so we can discuss your needs further and determine what sort of budget-accommodating plan can be devised to show you results.

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