WordPress Blog Design Services

A Rundown Of WordPress Blog Design Services We Offer

February 7, 2013 - 5 minutes read - Blog Creation, Business Branding, Website Design

Many people get started with WordPress because the platform is very easy to manage and update. Multiple administrators can login and contribute to your blog. You can add photos, videos, links and social media buttons to each post in a jiffy. You can also customize your blog with different templates to change the look, without any prior knowledge of coding. Yet, many business owners find that they’d like a more advanced design for their WordPress blogs. What may have worked initially no longer represents your brand or perhaps you’d like the special features and greater functionality that other blogs possess.

WordPress Blog Design Services

WordPress Blog Design Services

There are several areas to consider in your redesign:

  • The Header: This is the first thing people see above the fold on your website, so great time and care should be taken to make it look professional. Whether you include your logo, tagline, social media links or another image, keep in mind that this space defines your site’s identity.
  • Navigation: Navigation menus help users find the information they want and keep them on your site longer. Most navigation menus appear horizontally across the top of the page, but you may also see a vertical column to the left or right. Drop-down menus can help users navigate through your blog, without excessive clicking.
  • Homepage: The landing page  of your site might include a standard description of your company with a few photos. It might include teaser posts of all the blog articles you’ve written, with the freshest and most relevant content up top. It can also be organized into categories like a magazine, which is especially good if you have a ton of content. Feature sliders can highlight multiple “popular” posts, without taking up too much space.
  • Sidebar: WordPress offers a number of sidebar widgets you can take advantage of. You can highlight popular blog posts, advertisements, promotions, an events calendar, company news, recent comments, newsletter subscription, search tool bar, article archives, social media buttons, or an “about me” section here.
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WordPress Blog Content Services

In addition to our WordPress blog design servicesyou may also want help with content.

  • Writing We have a team of experienced copywriters with over a decade’s worth of experience in news, magazine and web writing! Naturally, your blog is only as good as the content you write.
  • Social Media: We can create engaging social media posts that highlight your exciting new content.
  • Comments: Does your site get more comments than you can keep up with? We can approve the legitimate comments and weed out spammy remarks. We can also help you add tools to the site that will make it easier for you to manage your own comments. 

Special Features

You may want special features added, like:

  • Author “bio boxes” that include an image, text and links for each of your bloggers.
  • Built-in RSS feeds that let readers receive updates of your content via email subscription.
  • Customized contact page with an email form.
  • Press page to highlight newspapers, magazines and TV shows you’ve been on.
  • Footer with advertising space

Additional WordPress Support Services

We can help you design a WordPress website from the ground up if you are just getting started. If you have a website already and you’d like to import all your content over to a new WordPress site, we can make it happen. We’ve transferred content from platforms like Blogger, Drupal, Typepad, Moveable Type, and  more.

SEO is one of our core services as well. We can offer keyword research and strategies to help you dominate Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. Generally, we focus on content creation as a means to propel your Search Engine Optimization forward, but we can also help you with PPC campaigns, social media, press releases, article publishing on third party sites, and other proven white-hat tactics. WordPress has helpful plugins we can install to improve your site’s visibility to search engine bots as well. Too many plugins can slow down a site and hurt its user-friendliness, so we are careful to give you the best, without installing too much.

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Contact us to share your needs with Mod Girl Marketing. We’re a full-service WordPress services company that will go over and beyond to help you every step of the way with your new WordPress site.

WordPress Blog Design Services


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