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November 14, 2019 - 9 minutes read - Blog Creation, Blogging, Contributed Posts

You can have the best content for your blog. You can have invested in the best website possible. However, you may realize that your blog still does not generate the traffic you need. Without getting people to read your blog, then you are more likely to fail. It is not enough to have a blog; you need to take a step further and promote it. There are various ways you can promote your blog but this does not mean that you should apply all of them. You need to identify what works for you and capitalize on it.

Here, you will learn 11 ways on how to promote your blog.

Write posts often

Readers want someone consistent in developing new content. If you post an excellent article then delay before you do another one, readers will lose confidence in your blog. However, when you write posts often, readers will consider you a reliable blogger. They will regularly be coming to your site for more articles. It is challenging to develop content often alone. You need to seek assistance from an Essay Writing Service. This will ensure that you have experienced writers developing content for you. 

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Guest posts

There are two ways on how to get people to read your blog through guest posts. Firstly, you need to collaborate with influential bloggers within your areas of interest. Talk to them to allow you to write on their blogs as a guest. In exchange, let them allow you to have an author box with a link to your blog. Secondly, enable other bloggers to post their content on your site. They are most likely to put a link on their blogs towards the articles they have written. 

Social media marketing

Social media platforms are a major avenue for promoting blogs. You need to leverage the power of social media as one of the critical ways on how to get your blog noticed. Move beyond your immediate connections and engage social media users on other platforms. However, you need to be careful not to spam your potential readers on social media. The essence of social media is to engage individuals not to flood their groups with links to your site. You can use paid promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other platform to boost the visibility of your blog. 

Try email marketing

You can ask individuals to subscribe to your blog so that you can keep them updated on new articles. Here, you will have an opportunity to get their email addresses. Having gathered enough fan base, you can be sending regular emails to alert your subscribers of new content. While doing this, please avoid flooding your subscriber’s with too many emails. Instead, use email as a way of reminding readers of what they are missing out on your blog.  

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Develop creative visuals and images

A picture speaks a thousand words. Take advantage of the power of visuals and images to create interest in your site. Use catchy text images that contain a compelling message. When people look at the picture, they need to know what they will gain by reading your posts. Optimize the images using the following ways:

  • The right dimensions. Ensure the photos are of the right size.
  • Compress the pictures. The images should be of a small scale to enable them to lead faster. 

Web analytics

Every business needs to analyze data on its progress. Similarly, you need to understand how readers are interacting with your blog. This is where analytics tools come in. You need to identify the content that is popular so that you can promote it. You also need to identify unpopular content in your blog so that you can improve in the future. 

Comment on other blogs

In case you are starting, you need to try different ways on how to get traffic to your blog. Leaving behind comments on other blogs works effectively. You can comment on your view on the discussion and possibly link leave a link that will direct readers to an article related to the discussion at hand. You can hire resume writing services to assist you in generating more comments.

Reply to all the comments

Readers want to feel that you value them. Remember, they have taken the time to read your article. You need to show them that you also value them by replying to every single comment. You can provide more information, answer questions or thank them for their contribution. Reply to all the comments including the negative ones! It is an effective free website promotion. 

Your content should be up-to-date

Readers are looking for something new. You will notice that older posts will generate less traffic. It could possibly be because the information is outdated and obsolete. Take time to update the old content. Ensure that all the links are working and remove the dead links. This is a good way on how to drive traffic to your blog.

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Collaborate with other blogs

You cannot succeed in isolation. You need to team up with other blogs so that they can assist you to generate more traffic. For example, you can work with a blog that generates data, where you use their data to generate your content. Advertising on blogs also serves to direct readers from those blogs to yours and vice versa. 

Share content and engage readers

Do not focus on how to get free unique content on your blog alone. Remember also to share to save and share interesting links. You are more likely to get more traffic if you share your links on other blogs or social media.

Conclusively, having good content is great. However, it is not an assurance that you will generate the traffic you need to sustain your blog. There is a need to move a step further and promote your content. You have learned different ways of doing this. Someone may decide to promote content use the best advertising blogs. Another one may decide to share links on social media. No single method is better than the other. You need to choose the approaches that will work for you.

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