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5 Surefire Ways To Boost Social Media Visibility In 2015

December 18, 2014 - 5 minutes read - Blog, Social Media

These days, failing to have a social media site for your business is akin to being a person without a birth certificate. You’re nobody if not online, on social media sites, where consumers are trying to find you. The more you can afford to be engaged, the more you’re going to get out of your experience online. It can be lonely at first, as you’re trying to build an audience. You may feel as though you’re posting daily and pulling all the stops, but no one is listening. What you want most is not so much comments, but shares, as these posts will be seen by all the friends of your fans. So here are five tips to up your number of social media shares, thereby increasing your reach and brand visibility in 2015.

1. Reflect your culture.

What interests do your executives and employees share? Do you contribute to any charities or causes? Do you have any fun parties around the office? Share an inside glimpse with your fans. Drake University really captures their campus culture with their Pinterest account, which has boards like: Explore Des Moines, Adorbs Bulldogs, Study Abroad, Staying Healthy, Bulldogs Without Borders, Rad Room Decor, Campus Beauty, and Alumni At The Office. They like to show what a scenic campus they have and how their students go on to become productive workers and members of society.

drake university culture social media

2. Inform consumers.

What sort of pressing questions do your customers have? Do you have a new model of an existing product coming out? Do you have products that compete with similar products from other brands? Give your audience side-by-side comparisons, in-depth reporting on new offerings, and teaser videos that help explain product benefits and features. Check out what Playstation is doing on Twitter. Before the holiday season, they have a helpful comparison of their latest PS model, which has been shared 1,700 times in two weeks.

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playstation social media offers

3. Work the holidays.

There is increased search activity around the holidays as consumers look for gift ideas, recipes, entertaining ideas, and deals. Start working on your holiday campaigns early to get full advantage of these times for increased branding exposure. For instance, Whole Foods saw 119 shares in 18 hours on their Thanksgiving potato recipe post.

whole foods holiday marketing

4. Share facts, interesting data and quotes.

People like little tidbits of intriguing information that might make family and friends go “hmmmmm.” Combine a digestible fact with an attractive, high-quality photo and you’ve got yourself a very shareable post! Ferrari, a top brand on Google+, generated a lot of interest with a statistic about the speed of their popular vehicle. Did you know a Ferrari could make it to 200 km in 7 seconds?

ferrari google plus marketing

5. Use social media to share offline promotion news.

Online and offline promotions do not need to be mutually exclusive. We find the most successful brands on social media sites run online promotions in their stores and promote their offline activities in their online communities. So, think BIG… and share what you’re doing offline with your fans online, as Nike has done on LinkedIn.

nike linkedin marketing

Additional Tips For Increasing Brand Exposure On Social Media

– Focus on your fans and give them a platform for sharing by asking them questions or requesting that their share their photos.

– Use fun hashtags to get fans to join in on your activities.

– Respond to all comments from fans, whether positive or negative.

– Re-post your most popular posts and share them across all social media channels.

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Need Help Getting More Shares?

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