The Best B2B Demand Generation Strategies That Work

October 29, 2021 - 3 minutes read - B2B, LinkedIn

With the lasting impact of the pandemic and the challenges and uncertainty, it has created for the B2B industry, to meet changing expectations and remain competitive marketers need to adapt now more than ever.

Changes in the B2B Industry

One of the biggest shifts brought about by the pandemic has been the frantic digitizing of entire business elements for companies with face-to-face working models. Lead generation has largely been limited to online strategies, with businesses having to adapt and develop new tactics.

As the decade progresses, it also becomes increasingly clear that for many companies remote and hybrid work environments are more than a necessity. Although remote working is not foolproof and comes with its own downsides, it also has the potential to be incredibly beneficial to both employees and companies alike, with Gartner reporting that 80% of company leaders are planning to allow remote work post-pandemic.

While the move to working from home is not suited to everyone or every business model, if implemented correctly it has been proven to help grow the reach of B2B companies located across the globe.

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As a key B2B marketing strategy, content marketing often has to remain fluid and ever-changing depending on rates of consumption. But it too has seen changes from developing trends in terms of the types of content receiving the most engagement on various channels.

Video content, in particular, is on the rise. A study by Wyzowl reported that 68% of consumers are having their consumption of video content impacted by the pandemic, with 96% revealing this consumption has increased.

These three recent changes are only a few examples of how the B2B landscape continues to evolve, both in terms of marketing and how companies have adapted to newfound restrictions.

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B2B demand generation is evolving and for the better. In 2022, brands will need to decrease their reliance on impersonalized automated outreach efforts and instead focus on meaningful relationship building, via personalized messaging. LinkedIn is the best place to start meaningful relationships with targeted prospects. Engage, provide value and send personalized messages. Start helping. Stop selling. Teams need to focus on being the first to provide value and insights. Technology is great, but only when you can add a personalized element. Teams will need to focus on applying personalization to everything they do.

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