How To Leverage The “Kevin Bacon Effect” On LinkedIn

October 28, 2021 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Strategy

Have you heard of the Kevin Bacon Effect?

Or the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon.

It’s a play on the concept of six degrees of separation, the theory that posits all human beings in the world are just six or fewer social connections away from one another. 

With the Kevin Bacon version, also known as Bacon’s Law, you simply take any actor in Hollywood and show how they can get to Kevin Bacon in less than six jumps.

In this 2-minute video clip from my LinkedIn Live series Ambitious Outcomes, Rich Bracken and I discuss the importance of leveraging the Kevin Bacon effect on LinkedIn.

The key is to embrace LinkedIn as the ultimate connection-building platform so you can increase your opportunities AND your impact

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And as we reveal in this video, there are endless benefits to expanding your network on this platform. 

The trick is to actually LEVERAGE your network in the ways that we mention (and then some).

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