Should COVID-19 Stop Plastic Surgeons and Medical Professionals from Marketing?

Published on March 17, 2020

School closures, travel bans, postponed sporting events, and quarantines. You’ve seen the real-time reports, are…

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Why Plastic Surgeons Need Reputation Management Now More than Ever

Why Plastic Surgeons Need Reputation Management Now More than Ever

Published on February 24, 2020

In today’s society, seamless web accessibility means plastic surgeons and physicians need to adopt new…

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Surgeons on Snapchat: Why It’s the Hottest Marketing Platform

Published on October 20, 2016

For those of you who’ve been hiding under a rock for the last three years: Snapchat…

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realself marketing tips

5 Steps to Make the Most of Your RealSelf Profile

Published on June 30, 2016

Why bother with RealSelf if you’re a plastic surgeon or medical doctor? Well, for starters,…

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Plastic Surgery Internet Marketing Case Study: 363% Increase In Leads In 30 Days!

Published on June 2, 2016

Digital marketing in the plastic surgery industry is a complex operation with many moving parts….

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healthcare marketing trends 2016

4 Healthcare Marketing Trends To Be More Competitive In 2017

Published on April 28, 2016

Healthcare marketing has moved out of offices and online. These days, 72% of patients routinely…

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cosmetic marketing case study

Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Case Study

Published on October 16, 2014

Americans spent over $13.5 billion dollars on combined aesthetic procedures in one year — the…

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