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Improving Website Performance and User Experience for Barkman Honey

From Problems to Profit

Barkman Honey, based out of Hillsboro, KS, is globally recognized, trusted distributor of high quality True Source Certified® honey. They have a rich heritage as a family-owned business that dates back to the 1920s. Barkman Honey’s mission is evident on their new website: to provide consumers with a fully traceable product that adheres to the highest industry standards, with special emphasis on bee health initiatives, habitat preservation and better consumer education.

The Problem

When they reached out to us for SEO and Web Analytics consulting, Barkman Honey was embarking on a major digital re-brand, including a new custom website with improved graphics and great copywriting that resonated well with users and could be found by Google. The team wanted consulting to understand how to use Big Data to test for efficiency and track their returns.

Mod Girl's Solution

Mod Girl formed close partnerships with Barkman Honey’s web development and graphic design firms. We quickly became acclimated with the new Barkman Honey website, their industry and strategic keywords. Each month, we provide valuable data regarding SEO and User Experience. The Barkman Honey team takes the data, makes the recommended tweaks and watches metrics increase.

The Results

In the first month, Barkman Honey saw a whole new level of audience engagement among visitors to their new website. Page visits increased 15.77%, bounce rate dropped 23% and visitors spent 53% more time on the site. All these metrics indicate better SEO keyword matches bringing prospects from search engines to their content, where they are finding the information they need.

  • Jessica Cummings - Barkman HoneyWe hired Mod Girl Marketing to analyze our website analytics and help with the SEO of our new website. Mod Girl updated our webpages with the appropriate keywords for SEO and showed us how visitors are behaving on our website. They help us understand what is going on with our website traffic and how to keep visitors better engaged. Every month Mod Girl provides analytics reports plus visitor recordings and heat maps so we have a clear picture of what pages need improvement. In addition, they provide recommendations to improve user experience and conversions. Overall Mod Girl is great to work with and our marketing team finds value in their services.

    Jessica Cummings – Barkman Honey

Make sure your new website is optimized for search and user experience with our analytics and SEO consulting.

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