You Have To Be Consistent With Your Follow Ups

September 17, 2021 - 2 minutes read - Email Marketing, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Content

One email isn’t gonna cut it.

People need reminders. They need follow-ups. 

But they don’t need to be annoyed. 

If you dumb it down to the basics, you’ll see better results

The reason a lot of your outreach campaigns are underperforming? 

Your follow-up is weak.

It barely exists or it’s not resonating. 

Links to resources and product info shouldn’t be in every email.

Ask questions. 

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However, not every single follow-up email or message needs to be as simple as what I mention in this video clip above.

There are strategic ways to keep it simple such as asking a question that relates to your offerings. 

Start the dialogue and learn more about their situation by asking questions and providing value.

A little bit at a time.

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Keep your follow-up messages and emails short.

When they respond, you can tailor your responses to them.

Stop relying on your automated outreach sequences that literally have zero personalization. 

Start communicating like a real human who wants to have a conversation with another human. 

Do this and you’ll no doubt see an increase in your response rates.

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