Demand Generation Strategies For B2B Businesses

March 21, 2022 - 2 minutes read - B2B, Business Growth


Demand generation is the process of generating awareness of and demand for a business’s products or services.

It’s all about marketing and reaching out to the target audience, telling stories that capture their attention, and turning prospects into customers in an organized, gradual, and holistic manner.

Creating demand isn’t only about being everywhere and reaching out without a plan in place. To be more precise, demand generation aims to generate interest surrounding a particular product or service.

A few demand generation statistics every marketer should know.

– Only 56% of B2B organizations verify leads before they’re passed to sales (Marketing Sherpa).

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– B2B marketing teams often spend upwards of 40 hours a month formatting and processing leads for database upload. (Integrate, The Cost of a Bad Lead).

– 54%of B2B marketers measure success via revenue-based quotas, while 45% measure success through lead-based quotas (NetLine).

– 64% of B2B marketers generate leads via LinkedIn, 49% via Facebook, and 36% via Twitter (Pinpoint Market Research).

In this article, we’ve got together 14 Top Marketing Experts from across the globe who share their views and insights on “Demand Generation strategies to grow B2B Businesses”

“B2B demand generation is evolving for the better. Brands now need to decrease their reliance on impersonalized automated outreach efforts and instead focus on meaningful relationship building, via personalized messaging. LinkedIn is the best place to start meaningful relationships with targeted prospects. Engage, provide value and send personalized messages. Start helping. Stop selling. Teams need to focus on being the first to provide value and insights. Technology is great, but only when you can add a personalized element. B2B buyers expect more in 2022. More personalization, more valuable content, more self-guided demos, more freedom, more interaction.” – Mandy McEwen

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