Should You Hire A Digital Marketing Consultant Before Hiring An Agency?

March 27, 2014 - 4 minutes read - Blog, Business Branding

It’s never a good feeling to know that your business is in dire need of help. Yet, it can be a time of great emotion — hopefulness, excitement, synergy — when you find the best team to “right the ship.” Some businesses get lucky and hit it off with a digital marketer the first call they make. For others, it can be a long, expensive and frustrating search to find people who aren’t flaky or full of hot air. So the quandary becomes: should you invest in a digital marketing consultant who can lead you to the right people… or should you jump in headfirst and try to find your own full-service digital marketing agency? There is no easy answer, so we’ll give you both sides of the issue.

Yes – Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant Is Wise!

There are many reasons why a consultant could be the best choice for your business at this venture:

  • You need help with search engine optimized content like blogs and social media.
  • You are looking for someone who can teach you about maintaining your own online marketing program.
  • Often you can save a lot of money by paying a consultant by the hour to hunt down resources for you.
  • Digital Marketing Consultants can help you with background industry info to make strategic moves.
  • You’ve already spent too much time feeling lost working with a big agency that didn’t truly understand you. 

No – Hiring A Digital Marketing Consultant Isn’t Needed

On the other hand, you may want to skip right to a full-service Digital Marketing Agency if:

  • Your business is starting out and you’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for — aside from “everything.”
  • You have a big enough budget that you can turn your online marketing over to the experts to put on auto-pilot.
  • You already have a business plan plan or strategy in mind, but need to find the right people to implement it.
  • Your work order consists of complex tasks in every area of online marketing — for multiple campaigns.
  • You want as many heads to come together as possible to be sure you’re on the cutting-edge of advertising.
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Get The Best Of Both Worlds With Mod Girl Marketing!

When you hire a Digital Marketing Consultant with all the resources of a Digital Marketing Agency like Mod Girl Marketing, then you get the best of both worlds: expertise + manpower! The best digital marketing service providers blend the strategy and personalized guidance of consultants with the resources and tactical execution of agencies.

Our consultants will tell you exactly what you need to improve your digital presence and brand awareness, while our vast team of experts can execute everything from web design and content creation to social media and PPC advertising. Each package is customized for an individual business, so you’re never paying for tasks or strategies you don’t truly need! We can also help business owners who want access to online marketing resources and information, while doing it themselves. Get a quote on consulting and full-service digital marketing from Mod Girl Marketing.

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