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Check Out Mod Girl’s New Branding Packages!

February 21, 2014 - 2 minutes read - Announcements, Blog, Business Branding

Struggling with your brand image or tired of your look? Get Mod Girl Made with our new Mod Branding Packages!

We re-launched our branding packages with our clients in mind. Gone are the days of Geocities websites and Microsoft Paint logos – your brand NEEDS to appear as awesome as you are…and nowhere is that more important than online!

From social media branding packages to complete website design packages, Mod Girl offers cutting-edge branding packages for all types of businesses.

Modern Branding Packages


Excerpt, Press Release: February 20, 2014  – Mod Girl Marketing Announces Newly Re-Launched Branding Packages

Mod Girl can also help craft brand identities for new businesses. They work with fledgling businesses and budding startups to create custom online branding campaigns in tune with a business’ goals and tailored to blow the competition away.

Mod Girl’s newly re-launched branding packages include several services, including:
– social media setup including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, and Youtube
– consultation sessions that can teach businesses how to manage their own brands and websites
– fully automated online marketing packages
– logo creation
– website design
– blog creation and maintenance
– social media marketing
– search engine optimization
– reputation management
– and much more.

Over time, even solid brands can become stale. So, how can you tell if your business needs a new look?

Check out our new branding packages here and discover 5 reasons your business could benefit from a fresh, new look!

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