Mod Girl Rebranding Case Study

Rebranding Case Study: Presidential Limousines

May 1, 2014 - 7 minutes read - Business Branding, Case Studies

Mod Girl Rebranding Case Study

Presidential Limousines was one of those companies that had a website created back in the height of the FLASH web design craze. At one time, FLASH sites dazzled audiences with movement and eye-catching graphics. Yet, they soon fell out of favor as the continual need to “update” one’s Flash Player and the super slow loading times began to drive people crazy. Trends changed, with the “magazine style” layout winning favor.

Rebrand Case Study – Presidential Limousines Gets A New Owner & New Branding

When the company came to us for a website rebranding and makeover, the Danziger Family had just taken over as the new owners. They wanted a more professional-looking, modern website that would clearly identify their core branding messages. In our research, we learned a lot of insights about the company that we would have never known from their existing website. For instance, they won “Best of Transportation” awards, their interiors boasted much more luxurious features than the competition, and the new owners were real local philanthropists — the kind you’d like to give your business to! We made sure all of this stood out on the new site we wrote and designed for them.

What Mod Girl Marketing Did For Their Company Rebranding

Rebranding Services

    • Mod Website Re-Design and Development
    • Transformation to user-friendly content management system, WordPress
    • Business Re-Branding Package for Social Media
    • Compelling, Unique Copywriting for 15+ pages
    • Mod Search Engine Optimization Research
    • Mod Search Engine Optimization Implementation, On-Page
    • Full-Scale Digital Marketing Consulting
    • Google Plus Setup and Implementation – Local, Personal, Business
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First we started with a full website redesign and back-end development. We moved them over to WordPress, a more user-friendly Content Management System that would give them the ability to easily update the site and content without knowing a thing about computer programming. We also streamlined their brand across social media sites for a uniform look. We updated their local listings on multiple sites like Google+.

We conducted in-depth market research to determine the best search engine keywords to include on their new web pages to improve their search engine visibility. From there, we developed compelling copy (optimized for search engines) for more than 15 pages that would showcase the uniqueness of their enterprise. The entire website is SEO-friendly, from top to bottom. Better yet, readers have no clue the content is strategic and the compelling copy drives conversions like crazy!

We wrapped up the package with comprehensive digital marketing and branding consulting, so they could continue doing their own marketing in-house with a better understanding of what it takes to reach their target market and stand out from the competition. We’re really proud of how far they’ve come and wish the new owners the best of luck with their St. Louis limo company!

The Final Result

Check out the before & after:

Before and After Limo Web Design

A closer look at the previous homepage:

Prez Limos OLD website

And a closer look at the new homepage:

NEW Prez Limos website

A World of Difference!

Warren Danziger Presidential Limos CEO Warren Danzinger was very pleased with the work we did. He had this to say about us:

“Mandy is terrific to work with and has a great support team. She knows her business and partnered with us to achieve a fantastic website and social media presence! Mandy and the Mod Girl team possess outstanding knowledge, customer service and value. We recommend Mod Girl Marketing to any business in need of a professional new website and strong online presence.”

Have a closer look at their new site:

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Limousine Web Design Services

Mod Business Re-Branding – Website + Social Media Properties

Prez Limos Social Media

The Proof is in the Pudding…or the Analytics!

A pretty website and glamorous social media properties are great and do wonders for a business – but as we all know, at the end of the day if that beautiful new website and social media properties aren’t generating traffic and leads, then your investment wasn’t a good one. Here at Mod Girl Marketing, we not only make your business look like a million bucks, but we also make certain that your gorgeous new website is a lead-generating machine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Take a look at the Google Analytics screenshot for Prez Limos just a month after the new website launched:

 prez limos month 1 analytics

See all that green?!

Here are the stats after 4 months of launching the rebranding campaigns:

Prez Limos Month 4

95% increase in traffic in 4 months! Without ongoing marketing campaigns from Mod Girl™. Presidential Limousines opted to receive full-scale digital marketing consulting from Mod Girl Marketing. We have no ongoing social media or SEO campaigns in place for the company – this increase in traffic is solely from the re-launch of their website, their new social media properties, and their own team performing digital marketing campaigns based on our consulting. A full-scale rebranding campaign with comprehensive research and pages of SEO-friendly content can go A LONG WAY for a business.

Presidential Limousines is now a thriving transportation company in St. Louis and is seen as a leader in limousine services thanks to their fabulous digital branding presence, awesome customer service, amazing staff and luxury fleet of limousines.

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