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How to Get More Clients: Interview with SEO Expert Chris M. Walker

May 10, 2018 - 4 minutes read - Mod Agency Insiders, SEO

Monthly recurring revenue: for many digital agency owners, this is one of their key measures of success. Having steady income each month – whether it’s from digital products or retainer clients – allows you to run your business better, as you know you have a set income you can count on each month. But that begs the question: how to get more clients on monthly retainers?

Chris M. Walker, CEO and Founder of multiple online businesses including Superstar SEO and Legiit, joined our Founder and CEO Mandy McEwen for an exclusive Facebook Live interview on how to do just that. Watch a snippet of their interview below.

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Discover How to Get More Clients with Foot-In-The-Door Offers

Chris and Mandy shared their top tips on how to get more clients with foot-in-the-door offers that your dream SEO prospects won’t be able to refuse.

Plus, they revealed how to turn those projects into recurring revenue by signing your new clients up for monthly retainers.

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Check out the snippet below to discover how to get more clients now!

Watch the full Facebook Live interview here.

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SEO Expert Chris M. Walker Shares His Insights with Mandy McEwen

In this exclusive Facebook Live, Mandy and Chris discussed:

  • How to land your dream SEO clients
  • How to propose foot-in-the-door offers your prospects won’t be able to refuse
  • How to turn those projects into recurring revenue by signing your new clients up for monthly recurring retainers!

They answered questions from our Mod Agency Insiders for over an hour, providing examples of winning foot-in-the-door offers, explaining how to price them, and giving their top tips on how to get more clients for your digital agency.

Previously, Mandy joined Chris for a live interview in his Facebook community, Superstar SEO, one of the largest communities for SEO marketers. They discussed choosing the right niche for your SEO agency, generating quality leads, and actually closing those leads. Catch the replay of that interview here.

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Get More Insights: Mandy McEwen’s Facebook Live Expert Interviews

Mandy has hosted several Facebook Lives on how to get more clients, scale your digital agency, and achieve your goals.

Industry experts including Karl Sakas, Jason Swenk, and – of course – Chris M. Walker have all joined her in our free Facebook community, Mod Agency Insiders, to share their expertise and answer your questions.

You can watch snippets of all of her expert interviews on our YouTube channel, or join Mod Agency Insiders to watch the complete videos.

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Land More SEO Clients Today with the Superstar SEO Academy

In addition to sharing his insights on how to get more clients for your SEO digital agency, Chris gave Mod Agency Insiders an opportunity to sign-up for his Superstar SEO Academy for a $1 trial.

If you want to discover how to rank in Google maps, use paid ads to get clients, grow your SEO agency, and much more, then join the Superstar SEO Academy today!

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