6 SEO Tools to Track Local Google Rankings [Guest Blog]

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As a local business owner or SEO specialist, it’s your job to deliver targeted traffic to your website or a client’s site. One way to do so is by focusing on your local Google rankings. SEO tools allow you to track and improve these rankings, increasing your traffic and eventually increasing your sales.

Your best bet to expand your reach is probably a combination of paid traffic and organic traffic. Paid traffic will help you reach customers that are ripe for buying where the competition is big enough that you need a boost. When working to get an organic boost, you’ll need to utilize SEO tools to help you with building links, optimizing your website using the correct keywords, grammar and images, and tracking what your competition does.

Today, we’re going to focus on local Google rankings and the best SEO tools to track – and improve – them.

Not all search engine tracking tools possess the ability to monitor keywords, compare competitor rankings, and track local Google listings. But the 6 tools below can do this and much more. Let’s look at each one a little more thoroughly below.

Top Local SEO Tools

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1. Whitespark

Many people consider Whitespark one of the top local SEO tools for ranking tracking available today. It works perfectly for tracking Bing and Google local listings and it can also monitor local maps, local packs, and your competition. You’ll discover relevant keywords, learn how customers are finding your website, find out about the best city modifiers to add to the top local keywords, and much more.

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2. GeoRanker

One of the most powerful local SEO tools, GeoRanker is more than just a simple rankings tracker. It also monitors rankings in real time with a heat map. The heat map is based off of the first page rankings on Google in your specific city or country or wherever you’re attempting to target.

This SEO tool is also interesting because it provides an evolution of your rankings locally, which is data that you can use to create reports for clients.

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3. Rank Tracker on SERPs.com

The rank tracker on SERPs.com is a powerful tool because it makes it very easy to find your rankings for a particular keyword phrase in your local or national market.

The tool is free to use at first with their free trial. But the paid version makes it possible to look up the same keyword in multiple local locations and provides extended analytics, progress tracking, comparisons, and much more so you can optimize your blogs with ease.

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4. UpCity

Local SEO experts and entrepreneurs will particularly like UpCity because it has the ability to identify specific key metrics. It can identify things like competitor citations, local keyword ranking, competitive search terms, website health, and more. You can then use this information to provide reports to clients. One of the top SEO tools out there, UpCity also lets you view keyword performance over an extended period of time.

The other big benefit of UpCity is the client customization capabilities. You can insert information about your clients into the tracker and then create recommendations to help them improve their search engine rankings.

UpCity Local SEO Google Ranking

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5. BrightLocal

BrightLocal is always on lists of incredibly popular SEO tools because it has a range of excellent features that are perfect for search engine optimization specialists or local business owners. Their white label tools provide analytics, progress reports that you can create for clients, and it’s one tool that’s perfect to help you discover the best ways to improve search engine rankings.

BrightLocal even has a Google+ local audit feature that allows you to compare search engine rankings amongst your business and the top 10 competitors for specific keyword phrases.

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6. AuthorityLabs

Last but not least, this dominant local SEO tool is great because it provides you with automated reporting on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. AuthorityLabs also makes it possible for you to add clients or other users so they can access the analytic data provided. Finally, the search tracking lets you track your keywords and compare this information with your competitors.

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