How To Hire an Inbound Marketing Expert Without Adding to Your Payroll

October 27, 2016 - 7 minutes read - Inbound Marketing, Mod CMO

Being a CMO is more difficult than ever. You have to know about traditional marketing and keep up with the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

The department of inbound marketing is so complex and extensive that it could warrant an entire team, or at least one person, dedicated to the job. But, most CMOs aren’t able to hire new staff members because they are tasked with:  

  • Generating a high ROI
  • While using a limited budget

Restrictions like that hold most CMOs back from hiring marketing specialists for their team. They end up being responsible for both learning and implementing inbound marketing strategies on their own.

But, there is a way for CMOs to take of advantage of the expert advice, support, and project planning they need without hiring a full-time inbound marketer.

The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing

Mod Girl Marketing recently released The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing, a guide that outlines exactly how to effectively execute inbound marketing like an expert. The handbook delivers the expertise you would get from hiring an inbound marketing specialists, without all of the HR costs.

The Modern CMO’s Handbook explains what inbound marketing is and how to use it to succeed, step-by-step. So, even if inbound marketing is new to you, you can use it to master strategies related to:

Plus, an added bonus of the Modern CMO’s Handbook is that you don’t just get the guide. You also get access to bonus content and a community that provides additional and ongoing support.  


The Mod CMO Club & Bonuses

When you get the Modern CMO’s Handbook, you also get an exclusive membership to the Mod CMO Club. The community is designed to help you embrace inbound marketing without going at it alone. It includes extra inbound resources, assistance, and guidance.


Mod CMO Club

Exclusive Member Newsletter: You can stop scouring the web and reading blogs all over the internet trying to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in digital marketing. Members get the Mod CMO Newsletter each month that shares latest trends and insights into how other CMOs are seeing success with inbound marketing.

Better Blogs In Less Time Ebook: Content creation can be an overwhelming task. But this ebook explains how to save time, create more content, and get the most from your blogs

Creating Your Buyer Persona: Great marketing starts with a clear buyer persona. This module helps you learn how to create and refine your customer avatar.

Diverse Buyer Persona Avatars: Creating buyer personas from scratch is a big task. So included with the Mod CMO Club are 200 diverse avatars that give you a jump start to creating your own unique personas.

Mod Girls’ Buyer Persona Template: Spend less time working on your buyer personas by using the Mod Girls’ template. This bonus allows you to duplicate the Google slides we use to define our target audience so you can simply edit in your own information.

SMART Goals Checklist: Defining and writing down your goals helps you get focused and accomplish more. So the Mod CMO Club also includes a SMART worksheet that helps you outline your goals so that they are smart, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound to ensure that you follow through with your plans.

The CMO’s Marketing Dream Team Guide: The club also supports CMOs as they grow their internal team. The CMO’s Guide to Creating a Modern Marketing Dream Team outlines who you need to hire and what they need to do to help you succeed in your inbound initiatives.

Free Marketing Consultation and Inbound Marketing Audit

In addition to all of the bonus content, the CMO Club also offers an opportunity for qualifying members to get one-on-one advice. Spots are limited, but all members are welcome to request this free inbound marketing audit and 30-minute consultation.

During the one-to-one service, Mod Girl’s team of inbound specialists will analyze your company’s digital presence and offer insights to help your company achieve inbound marketing ROIs of 200% or more.

Add-On Inbound Marketing Tools


When you get the Modern CMO’s Handbook and join the CMO club, you also get an opportunity to add to your inbound arsenal tool set. All members are presented with an exclusive offer to add on the Mod Inbound Checklist and Marketing Tools Guide.

Mod Inbound Checklist: Stop trying to figure out your own strategy for launch. Use this checklist to execute powerful inbound marketing campaigns.

Mod Marketing Tools Guide: Trying and testing tools often wastes both time and money. But with this guide, you won’t need to spend any resources looking for tools that support your inbound work. The guide includes detailed information on 39 of the most powerful and affordable marketing tools.

The tasks of a CMO stretch more and more every day, especially in the world of inbound marketing where it can be difficult to stay informed and keep up. It’s no wonder that it’s difficult to manage it all on your own.

Join a Community of Modern CMOs

So, if you are juggling all of the tasks of a CMO on your own while trying to increase ROI and keep costs down, it’s time to get some help.

Get the inbound marketing assistance you need without bringing on a new staff member. Snag your copy of The Modern CMO: A Handbook For Effective Inbound Marketing and join a community of other Modern CMOs just like you.



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