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More and more people are looking at remote working as a way to launch a successful startup or as a method to acquire more freedom. But when the world becomes your office, it can be limiting in some ways. It may get to a point that you are looking to purchase an office but you don’t have the finances. If you think that you cannot afford to set up a physical business location and are resigning yourself to remote working, there are options for you.

Office Sharing Options

Now, as so many entrepreneurs and freelancers are working on an individual level, renting an office is one of the more common options. But many feel that they’re not able to rent an entire office space due to the various bills, but there are coworking options for startups where entrepreneurs and sole traders can sit side by side in a rented space. Sharing an office comprises of some costs upfront, but when renting an office space, this means that it tends to be a flat fee, which includes all of the services, such as the amenities and the insurance. And as an added bonus, you have got somewhere to conduct a meeting!

Choose The Right Area To Buy An Office

If you live in an older town, there are regeneration areas that local authorities try to use in order to attract smaller businesses. The great thing about these locations that they are usually centralized, but this means that you can apply for funding. The buildings tend to be run down but when you look at renting an office somewhere, you don’t necessarily have to go for the popular areas. The fact of the matter is that if you choose an area that is densely populated or overrun with businesses, rent will be expensive. It’s always worth trawling through business property websites to see what is out there. If you can negotiate a discount at the same time, you’ve got a business location that can go the distance! As the vast majority of city centers are becoming more gentrified, with the increase of solopreneurs, the trend is to buy a property a bit further out. The great thing is that, as long as you choose somewhere with good transport links, you won’t have a problem with employing the right people.

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Signing Up For A Virtual Office

A virtual office is a perfect go-between for remote workers that needs the image of a professional business but are struggling to go the distance. A virtual office comprises of a few simple functions. Firstly if you need a mailing address that is separate from your home, signing up for a virtual office service can help give that professional veneer that your residential address will not provide. When clients or customers look at a correspondence address, having somewhere that’s centralized in a city location has more sway than a residential area in the middle of nowhere. The great thing about the average office is that the correspondence can go via this centralized address, and is forwarded to you. You just pay a monthly fee to take advantage of this. As well, you can hire virtual receptionists. If you are running a business with a skeleton staff, and it’s a struggle to maintain a professional image at the outset because everybody’s got so many things to do, virtual receptionists can take the calls and transfer them to you.

Providing Flexible Solutions

When you think about the reasons for getting an office, it could be to do with meeting clients or taking a break from your home environment. The great thing is that there are flexible solutions that can allow you a certain number of hours each month to take advantage of the space. This allows you the luxury of meeting customers or clients in a different location, but if you struggle with working from home, this allows you that opportunity for a proper break. Sometimes we want an office space to because it may provide us with that motivation to work better. But, even if you don’t have the finances for any flexible working space, you may want to consider the next point…

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Altering How You Work From Home

You may very well not like working from home for whatever reason. If you want to keep your costs low, it seems that working from home is the only cheap option. But when you look at your home working environment, is it conducive to productivity? Sometimes we need to make a massive shake-up of our working environment so that we do remain productive. Even if the world is your office, you may spend more time at home than anywhere else. This means that there are plenty of distractions afoot. Whether it’s people you live with or children, you may find it a big struggle to work from home. And even if you think you can’t afford a real office, think about investing in a home office. Perhaps there’s a room in your house that you can transform into an office space. Or you could purchase a sophisticated shed that gives you that quiet and distance away from home stresses. Because if we can’t afford to buy or rent an office, and we need to work from home but need our employees to do the same, we may find that there are ways around this. For a lot of people that work from home, there are too many distractions, but by putting certain methods in place, this can help you to focus on the task at hand.

If you cannot afford a business location there are ways around this. When we grow weary of working at home, we have to remember that there are considerable benefits to working in this environment. There’s reduced commuting time, as well as the luxury of being at home so you can save money in other ways. But when you are a remote worker that has got their own business, the world is your office, so perhaps it would benefit you to get out more. After all, all you need is a wi-fi connection and your computer!

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