How You Can Leverage LinkedIn Voice Notes – Poll Results

October 22, 2021 - 3 minutes read - LinkedIn

Voice notes – I like them, sometimes. But apparently most of you do not.

I asked you what you thought of LinkedIn voice notes in a recent poll and here’s what 1,984 of you said:

No, I don’t like getting them 47%

Neutral, I don’t care 28%

Yes, but I don’t send them 13%

Yes, and I send them 12%

I don’t use voice notes often, but when I do, they are typically well-received.

If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about… inside your LinkedIn messages on the mobile app, you can click the microphone to send a voice note to your connections.

I think it’s an inconvenience for some people.

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“Don’t show up in my inbox uninvited with a lengthy voice note that I have to be in the right place at the right time in order to listen. And don’t expect me to reply with one.”

That’s the general notion I gathered from the comments and from other posts I’ve seen.

I will say that my most well-received voice notes have been sent to people that I know and have some sort of history with.

With that said, I have had good results with sending voice notes to new connections if I had something worthy and personalized to say.

Here is what I tell the sales teams that I train when it comes to sending video and voice messages on LinkedIn:

The key is being strategic.

If you don’t have anything personalized to mention or value to add, don’t do it.

If it seems forced and awkward, don’t do it.

But if you genuinely think it could add a nice, personalized touch and build rapport faster, please try it.

You 100% must personalize the voice note in order for it to resonate.

Don’t even think about sending a generic “thanks for connecting” voice note as that serves no purpose.

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Put some effort into it.

Some ideas for you:

Look at their profile and mention something that stood out to you.

Compliment them on their latest post and tell them why you enjoyed it and your perspective.

Ask a relevant question.

Mention something relevant about their company (news updates, awards, etc).

Give them personalized tips (if applicable).

I honestly don’t receive very many voice notes on LinkedIn.

Come to think of it, I get more voice notes in my Instagram and Facebook inboxes.

What about you?

Do you receive voice notes often? Do you send them too?

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