How To Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Effectively

August 20, 2021 - 1 minute read - LinkedIn, LinkedIn Tips, Sales Navigator

Are you using LinkedIn Sales Navigator? 

What about the sales reps in your organization? 

Are they using it? 

Sales Navigator is a must for any B2B organization that is leveraging LinkedIn as a social selling channel. 

In fact, a large portion of my LinkedIn training for sales teams revolves around how to best leverage Sales Navigator. 

I’m curious to know how many of you are leveraging this incredible tool. 

If your organization is using LinkedIn to generate awareness and new opportunities, you need to be maximizing Sales Navigator. 

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If you’re not currently and you want to check it out, you can sign up for a free 60-day trial here:

You won’t find the 60-day trial on their website – only through that link.

With that said…

This link is my unique affiliate link and if you do sign up after 60 days I get a small commission.

If you are currently using Sales Navigator, let me know in the comment section how well it’s worked for you.

We can train your team on how to effectively leverage LinkedIn to increase your brand’s social selling revenue. Here’s how:

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